Monday, March 22, 2010

276. Cinta?

...and so i've asked about love, yes as funny as it may
sound it amazed me too:D I sounded to be inlove
when i posted isnt it? Well that is about a natural
thing to think about a man with a blog.

But the thing is, as much as we would like to believe
that there is a happy ending, santa clause do exist and
dreams are a path to pursuit...
As much as we would like to believe in those,
i dont think much about true love anymore. (Uuuuuu... ayat kan..)
For me its just a stage u lift yourself from another stage,
which is 'friend stage'.
its just like u move from kenalan stage
(u seems familiar, but what's your name again?)
to friends stage (hey where u at? lets do lunch)
and abang adik angkat stage..
(Pi laaahhh!! adik angkat konon, pas tu angkat benda lain.. hoh!!)
and then its suppose to be true love.

But there is no such thing as true love people!
its this whole idea we come up trying to balance
things up with ourself, like the 'happy ending'
we hope for in the end of every movie.
Yes they do happen in the movie,
Percy Jackson is simply Harry potter's copy and he
too smiled playing 'pedang pedang' with Annabeth
daughter of athena the goddess of wisdom.
yeah yeah.. they just do dont they?

But in life.. they dont, and in love..
the true love we hope to find just like in the movie
or in the books we read? may as well stays in fantasy.

Can i say that there is no love without the effect
of chance and opportunity? and not to forget the
weigh of commitment. If u'r not living in the same
location as your love one..
will there be any chance of u two meet?
MiRC? Blogs?
ok, u've met, if there was no time that allows u to get acquainted,
a chance for u to have lunchs, movies, picnics..
will u be more then friends?
ok, u 've upgraded.. six month of being together
makes u think that u should make kids together.(The making part.. i like)
If there was no opportunity for u to get married..
no money, the father didnt approve.. will there be bonds between u?
and the worse part.. if there was no weigh on your shoulder,
the whole mahkamah shariah, paperwork,
little kid running around motherless or fatherless...
will u stay?

Its ugly and i feel ugly just by typing this
but i dont think there are True Love
and since i am typing this can i just say a bit more,
is there love?
or it was more to attraction between opposite sex?


aBoi said...

Cinta itu ada !

Annaster said...

or mutual pleasure??

tehais said...

bukan senang nak cari 'true love'..s0b..s0b..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

erm... amy pun sedang confuse dengan L.O.V.E nih. amy pun sedang mencari makna-maknanya dan tanda2 if kita sedang bercinta.

and hell about love is, kalau terjatuh cinta with player. it's really HELL... *emo plak...* :P

~LP Lum~ said...

salam pocket~

hehehe... ahaks~ kita adalah sama.. :)

Adry said...

bak kata shah rukh khan... pyar ke dost... hehehee... love is friendshipp... ahaks

Adry @

Dee said...

bak kata aboi..cinta itu ada..jgnlah sbb x jumpa ckp xde 'true love' pocket..dh..stop cari 'true love'..hahaha..

Kapten said...

samalah kita
tak ada true love

sebabnya nak kawen kena pertimbangkan banyak benda. org kawen semata2 sebab cinta jer mana ada. mesti pikir masa depan, kestabilan etc2

UglyPooh said...

there is love la pocket. u will meet yours too...soon. same as me. insyaallah

love come together with responsibility. kalo xmo beresponsibility...xperlu bercinta.

HEMY said...

Love does exist...Mom's love towards her child..You can't deny that

but if you were saying love or true love between strangers, they do exist too. But maybe one out of 1000

Cik Qemm said...

pocket blm jmpa lg tuh.. hihi.

since u ckp tade true love, may i to measure true love? haa jwb pocket..

Pocket said...

tapi dimana?

heheh, part mutual pleasure tu mari kita tinggalkan untuk karangan yg lain :D

Sebab kata Filantera..
'everyone talk about them, only some have seen them'

memang, kalau ngan player.. mula la dimainkan gitu jer kan:D but that is also love lah kot.. biarpun tak kemana peginya kisah cinta tu huhuuu

waah!! ada orang setuju ngan idea pocket?
woh!! suka suka :D

love is friendship..
hey i can live with that :D

stop blogging n gi cari true love tuu!!?
skali kalau duk mencari benda yg tak der

Kapten LUffy,
btul tu, so Kapten pun sokong lah?
yes!! ada orang buleh terima. heheh:D

if there is love, then show me.
an unconditional love, non blood related, no money at the back, no commitment and threat.

now now hemy,
u dont want me to there bro..

for if i ask u that its because we are born out of our mother's womb that we are in love with them,
but what if we never met them... ?
we are thrown away just after we are born..
will we love them the same?
Chance , opportunity and commitment,
an orphan who live in the street dont love any mother, for they have none.

that's why.. there is no true love since its not measureable. Give me mass, and i give us Kilogram or newtonForce..
give me length and i'll give u in milimeter..

but love?

Tp slalu kalau tanya bebudak,
'sayang pak anjang tak?'
'sayang banyak mana?'
'banyak ni!!' sambil mendepakan tangan:D

snow white said...

True sometimes love can hurt u..
but don't deny it when it's come..

Perhaps it could be a wonderful moment in your life :)

Agreed wth Dee, gi kuaa pi carik ur true love..