Wednesday, March 10, 2010

273. The Ugly Truth..

the otherday someone posted about a luv story,
about someone who found a new luv after she got engaged.

well what can we say, shit happened heheh:_)
but people, can i make a statement that say
'luv and marriage is different?'
first of all, u wont marry a lousy jobless taik pit even
if u luv him like u luv your H20,
breathing in and breathing out everyday.
(Well some of us ere in kampung actually do.. pity them)
second .. a couple in luv can always marry someone else,
still having babies and grow old together.
Even if it was a kawin paksa.
I am disregarding the drama u watch every now
and then showing ho faithful the man is to his
tru luv by not 'touching' the kawin paksa wife,
that is fantasy people... wake up.

Marriage is a stage.
A stage where one have to face just because we have to,
with who? preferably someone we love, but ...
a reliable guy,
a good attitude lady,
a man who dont cheat,
a lady who knows her way around the kitchen,
Someone who happened to be there when u're in need. an essence u would consider acceptable over love.

i mean why must u marry your tru luv, the jobless bum
when u can marry the SelKom CEO minus the luv?
(COnsidering both are crazy about u of course)
why must we choose a slut from the back alley whom u luv
when u can marry a girl from the surau.
disregarding any other factor of course, she can be a member
of the 'window-meeting' and u'll find the curry is still undone
by zohor due to the sembang tingkap is not yet finished :D

ok well, i guess it is kinda mean for me to say this but...
somehow the situation that we're living in right now shows
that luving doesnt have to end with marriage,
and marrying someone.. may not be due to luv.
(I know most of u pocketeers will not agree to this...)

yes yes, i know..
its ugly, i'm feeling ugly just to type this, but pocketeers..
if this is the ugly truth, can we admit to this?
if this is not the truth, are all luv ends with marriage?

i refuse to take this as the truth.. i just refuse..^^;


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

i remember my friend who managed to find her true love despite the arranged marriage. before that she used to say she would end up being like the mother and aunties - being raped on the wedding night:(

but she was lucky...because apparently the man metall the criteria. perhaps it was just luck...

so, instead of being raped...she was happy with the wedding night and her face was glowing. hehehe.

but she married him not because of love. The love came after...just like a typical story.

What if the love never came?

So, as ugly as it is...I will agree with u, Pocket:)

Cik Qemm said...


love and marriage are two different thing. zaman atok nenek kita dulu diorg kawin dengan jodoh yang ditetapkan and the love come after marriage. boleh jugak. tade hal je tengok. haha.

ada jugak kawan qemmal zaman sekarang kahwin paksa and hopefully she's happy with her life.

but anyhow,

*I am a typical gurl who want my love to be my partner in the marriage. Amin.*

UglyPooh said...

It cannot be denied and I agreed with most of the statement.

However to accept our love ones' in situation that he isn't perfect (not rich but poor) at the same time we have a wide2 chance also to accept celcom CEO ~ that is real love.

Love is a feeling. People can change with love. Just dont take love for granted and you'll never feel the true love again. (kena curse..haha)

Even if she is slut...give her chance to love...who knows with GOD'S will, she may become the gooddest person. (yg buruk tidak semestinye selamanya buruk, sama juga yg baik).

Yang penting ikhlas n bertanggungjawab :-) n ada niat love because of HIM (ALLAH)

UglyPooh said...

ugly truth...I'm feeling ugly too by reading this because I realize maybe someday we HAVE to face 'this ugly truth' as our fate.

aBoi said...
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Dee said...

well..i fall in love with A, engaged with B and married with C..hahaha..

jodoh..pocket..but is different than marriage..

~LP Lum~ said...

salam pocket~

hehehe... bg sy ar kan.. kalo kawen paksa nie mgkin ada baik n ada gak yg xbaiknya.. :)
yg baik, mgkin dia akan bahagia smpai bebila wlaupun terpksa kawen.. ;p
yg xbaiknya, mgkin mereka akan berlaku cureng 1 arie nnti... :p

HEMY said...

for me, it's what we called qada' dan qadar..takdir...kita dh usaha..

kalau mmg kena kawin paksa...dh kawin pn..terima je la daripada buat dosa..kadang2 masih happy..hehehhee

KoudaGaijinsan said...

errr...macam mana pulak kes budak yg dikahwinkan dgn org yg dekat sebaya bapa dia?iskk...

Monkey D Luffy said...

tu lg best cinta lepas kawen

Ayaq masak said...

Tte, H20 to O2 machigaetayo.

Ok sekian komen budak demam. Heh.

lieya orange M.I. said...

orang muda sekarang, mesti takmau kahwin ker bercinta lepas kahwin..kalo dah kahwin, tp tak serasi mcm maner???