Friday, December 11, 2009

239. MyLast...

General Koo,
yes i've heard u'r going to thailand this monday,
i dont know whether its your first time going there or not.
Hell, i dont care, just wanna show u the pic i took
the other day.

well last time i went to thai wit Mr Hero,
u know him, how he dress up with macho
way of walking tall among us peasant.
Or atleast that is what he think.

Now i'm not going to write much in this post.
Just going to show u photo with description here and there.

He was generous enough to allow me into
the Business Class lounge with him.
His gesture of walking all the way from the
ticket counter to find me there in the cafe
just outside of Penang Airport really blow me.
He really wanted me there.. and so after my
ridiculous 5ringgit nasi lemak, i went to join him.

And ate again... oooiiihhh!!!
This was my third plate after nasi lemak wit kari ayam,
consider this as the penutup.
(Again!! and u wonder why am i 92kg)

From Above:
Chicken Sausage,
Hash Brown,
Roti ngan TunaBoy
Omellette ngan anchovy from nasi lemak:D

now after all those i've described above,
do u think i'll take this in flite sandwich?
and so i built meself a hut for the kaunter pertanyaan :D eheheheh
(Remember 50 first date?)

Well no need to tell u bout my work..
its work work and no play for pocket.
(As if u can believe this kan...)
On the way back, in the airport,
i was invited yet again by MrHero,
that was suppose to be tuna sandwich and quiche
my roll cake with tonic n lime. MrHero was having
the same thing so i copied it by mineral water^^)
The bihun and vegetable was a bit questionable.
so i keep my hands off this menu:/

On your right will be a pic of the
staff in the Business Class Lounge,
how i am jealous of her cutting.
(Itu dia tuan tuan dan puan puan...
pocket melayan estrogen dalam dirinya..

so General Koo... relax and enjoy,
it is u and MrG this time.
dont forget to have the pulut pauh ya :D


Sharinginfoz said...

just to say hi.. feel free to visit mine

Dee said...

uii..asik makan2 je kan..nak2 kalo free..fuh..nikmat..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

don't worry pocket. bukan banyak mana pun foods tuh. lagipun 92kg jer pun. hikhikhik.... :P

intan izani said...

mouth watering...

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

lagi sekali menunjukkan gambo stewardess. sha is entertaining the jealousy hormone since pocket is entertaining the estrogen in his body!!!

my teeth want to sank on 92 kg pound of flesh today!:P

iza~de~bintang said...

Amboi mewahnya dengan makanan yer, maklumlah business class kan. Iza naik kapai murah ja masa pi Bangkok aritu :)

Lapar tengok gambar, tapi nasib baik lah la ni duk dalam program yang ada sudut koleksi makanan dari 13 buah negeri, siap duit dan jalan ja dari satu negeri ke negeri yang lain hehehe.

| a t i q a h | said...

ayok. pocket jeles kat girl??? hahaha.

HEMY said...

wau..a nice experience to have indeed

Kujie said...

makluk yg ada hormon estrogen je yg selalu show off makan2 ni....mmg sah!

HoPe said...

mahu cutting seperti beliau?
cuba lompat bintang..

Arjuna Qaseh said...

mak ai!
meleleh air liur neh.
dah bertimba pon.
over noh.
baru sedar dah lama tak hadap makan best!

Arjuna Qaseh said...

mak ai!
meleleh air liur neh.
dah bertimba pon.
over noh.
baru sedar dah lama tak hadap makan best!

fitriah said...



farenova said...

waaahhh is this thai airways lounge?..hurmmm bestnyer banyak makanan..

Are u really 92kg nampak mcm tak gemok pun..huhuhu

kojah said...

mkn pree paling besttt...haha