Wednesday, December 09, 2009

238. Ah Fatt...

To tell u the truth, i am not that much of a reader
in Fatt Chin Choy blog. I'm only reading his post if
ever stumble upon somebody elses blogroll showing
his posting with interesting tajuk.

its like that milo theory in my previous post :
236. If U Know That...
i dont wanna sip this one, for i might like it :)

But i've read his story on sunday, a post by the title of
'Mengembangkan Idea' where he was telling
a story of him not having any story to tell.
(confusing yes, but bear with me ^^)
And he needed to see the Kapten to ask a drop or two
of the kapten's mind. Pengeras was offered and the
captain spilled a couple of ideas.

ONE: concentrate and stay the course.
-basically stay the same tajuk from the first word
till the last. Dont go winding about some duck
migration in allabama and end it with how pulut and
ketupat is not the same thing. heheh:D

TWO: Even the simplest thing can be a good story if u tell it right.
-The captain was using a cat for example.
A cat that one would find during his way to work can
be a good story if u see it from another point of view,
>The cat view,
>The man who step on the cats tail view,
>The man who saw a man who step on a cats tail view, (yg ni normal ^^)
>A new driver who got freaked out with a cat that
crosses the parking lot till she couldnt control
the car and crash it to the wall eventually letting
it fall to the first floor of KBMall leading to two
death and one fatal injury. Blame it on the cat!! the cat!!
alahai kesian nyer kat mangsa.
>Well the list can go on.

A good tip there pocketeers, and we who write should think bout it :D...

But instead of perceiving his post as per stated, i choose to read between the
line:D . He might as well be actually complaining to the blogging community...
How we are telling it straight forward about the cat and how we starts our
story about duck migration and end up telling about
pulut is pulut... ketupat is ketupat.
A wake up call for those who understand.

Ok ok, ah fatt... sorry n taihen moushiwakegozaimasen deshita m(_ _)m
Even if u didnt meant it, i'm taking it positively :D
So how about it pocketeers? Write better next post ya? ^^

NotaDuli : Oh sheet!! i've sipped milo!! dang i think i like it.

annoying to read about a girl next door
but ends it with a pic of a frog. hehehe,
particularly luved dat one though.


Cik Qemm said...

huhu nape cm terasa plak.

maybe i'm the one yg cerita pasal itik and end up with pulut.haha.telling stories tru writing memang bukan bidang saye kot. kalau cerita gune suara bole la :P

tape2,masih dlm proses pembelajaran :P

intan izani said...

ya rite...

i used to tell lot stories per entry
i can see people dont know how to response because they have to pick one issue in that post~

now, i GUESS im not
i realised people attract to read and response to something simple and u know, familiar...

i still new and learning anyway~

morning pocket!!!

Dee said...

alahai..bukan semua org ada idea n gaya penulisan yg kreatif..itu yg membezakan kita dlm arena blogging..

sbb tu kdg2 baca blog sendiri pun bosan..suka bloghop blog org lain..nak2 yg lucu2 penulisannya..hehehe..

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

but then again pocket..

the one who ended the story differently might be me...simply to show the connection.

though i have to admit less people can read between the lines.

sometimes, they don't bother to read at all.

nuffnang money is the main concern kan?

tell me whether i'm reading between the lines today:)

~LP Lum~ said...

hehehe... kekdg kering gak idea nak nulis..dtaz y slalu sgt xupodate blog 2... ;)

sy pun msih dlm proses pembelajaran gak.. try blajar cra nak nulis spaya org xbosan.. suka ngan blog org len yg citernya blh wat kite "msuk" dlm citer 2 ataupun blog yg amat lucu hnggakan blh jd mcm org giler ketawa sorg2... ;)

B.T.W ur blog still "interesting" 4 me... ;p

Anonymous said...

eh ada nama aku

tu ler pasal kadang2 keliru baca entri ni

tp aku suka baca entri pendek2 (walaupun aku karang panjang)

entri pendek senang nak faham dan straight


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

tak nak komen lebih-lebih sebab blog amy blog entahapaapa je. :P

mier@merr said...

erk...masih dalam proses pembelajaran... tp blog kak sha n ah fatt mmg best... sy mmg jenis bc sume... xkesahla pjg ke pendek...

ur blog pon best... punya la tabah sy baca n cube phm ape yg cbe dsampaikan... kdg2 tak paham2 nak baca gk..

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

suka baca blog Sha walaupun meleret dpt rasa its deep from her heart..

suka baca blog ah fatt baru jer.. jalan citer dan citer nice but the ending selalu s*mf*tt..hehe..

blog pocket pun baru juga since Sha mentioned yg dia suke baca kat sini... cuba paham ..baca kena dlm tenang..kalau haru-biru xboley relate kan from beginning to the end.. hehe..

blog sendiri..
ntah apa-apa..rojak..saja suka2 buat kenang2an anak2 tengok..kala berkesempatan itu other intention..nuff tu juz a bonus..

Jard The Great said...

hi there....... blog awak dipromote oleh ah fatt....... just looking around.. ehehe..

Ayaq masak said...

Alah my blog post selalu je terbabas..bior je la...hahahhaa...

HEMY said...

hmmm..true. As everything can be told with just a simple thing.

It's also depends on the objective the blog was created. Self indulgence? Information? humor??