Friday, May 09, 2008

49. Allantoin

Dear pocket,
i think i've told u before that my place is crawling with those devilish bug called
they comes in season, usually when it rains the most.
so my body would be blistered and bloody from this bug bite.
as a treatment, somebody proposed to me about this product
from a local drugstore,
its suppose to be healing and i found out that it does.
well good for it.. and good for me, but why is it indicated at the can
about allantoin? (Refer to photo)
then i've took the liberty of doing a bit of researching, What is allantoin?
according to Wikipedia : (Allantoin from Wikipedia)
'Allantoin is present in botanical extracts of the comfrey plant
and uric acid from cows, most mammals
. Chemically synthesized bulk allantoin is
natural-identical, safe, non-toxic, compatible with cosmetic raw materials
, and meets CTFA and JSCI requirements. Over 10,000 patents Manufacturers cite several beneficial
effects for allantoin as
reference allantoin.
an active ingredient in over-the-counter cosmetics: a moisturizing and
keratolytic effect, increasing the water content
of the extracellular matrix and enhancing the desquamation of upper layers of dead
skin cells, increasing the smoothness of the skin
; promotion of cell proliferation and
wound healing; and a soothing, anti-irritant, and skin protectant
effect by forming complexes with irritant and sensitizing agents. It is
frequently present in toothpaste, mouthwash, and other oral hygiene
products, in shampoos, lipsticks, anti-acne products, sun care products,
and clarifying lotions, various cosmetic lotions and creams
, and other cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
Allantoin has not been proved scientifically to reduce the appearance of aging.
uric acids?

Now my english is not that good but what i can understand is i've applying cow urine to me hands? my body?
anybody to clarify this?

Well ... lets just hopes that the product is actually safe and urine free
yah pocket:)


purplechoc said...

erk! urine?

Pocket said...

Hooh, acaner yek? betui ker?

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ uric acid tuh urine ker? even i dah tinggalkan subjek kimia 5 years ago, i rasa uric acid is not the urine yg u paham. uric acid nie bukan ker ader kaitan ngan darah. if i'm not mistaken la. hehehehe.. :P ~

filantera said...

shud i break the news?

"How would you like to be
kissed by someone with cow urine
on their lips? Well, this may have
taken place without you knowing.
Allantoin, a component of cow urine
is a common ingredient in lip gloss.

After a cow urinates, allantoin
can be synthetically derived from
the uric acid present in the urine.
It works by rapidly producing
healthy cells by depositing proteins directly on the dry, undesirable skin.

Allantoin works excellently for
wounds and sunburns, and heals,
soothes and moisturizes chapped

but as Wiki mention it, it may come from botanical BUT as the manufacturer has highlight it, hehheeh it may sound like
"guys, this thing has urine in it, so use at ur own risk!!!:P "

however, for medicinal properties, it is ok. u would be surprise on what actually inside our daily drugs!:D

Princess Liyana said...

no idea:p.hehe sorry bro

Pocket said...

how i wish u are right, because i am wonderfully stupid in chemistry. but still if u'r saying uric acid is something connected with blood... then wouldnt the next question in line would be... aint it the same? blood and urine is something dat u dont wanna apply on your skin babe:D

Wah... a long and detail explanation bro. thanks,
and what a nice way to conclude it ...
'for medicinal properties, it is ok. u would be surprise on what actually inside our daily drugs!:D'

Pocket said...

heheh..takper, kalau tak tau pun OK Jer. tp kalau tau tulung la bagi info... since menakutkan la jgak kan

azie said...

pocket, buatlah.pliz..buatlah.mestilah u akan tambah ensem,hikhik

Princess Liyana said...

huhu. azie dear?hensem?huhu kanda baru u ke:p
Hehe,tak tahu nak komen. Saje nak menyibuk juge:p

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ tapikan, kalo utk medicine kira okeyh la kot. tak kan nak biarkan bengkak2 camtuh kan? ~

Pocket said...

eh... buat apanye cik azie?
cam tak paham la plak:D

menyibuuuk je... tp menyibuk yang dialu alukan !!:D

Btul tu, drpd dibiarkan bengkak n melepuh.. urine pun urine lah... eheh:D
Pernah dgr makan hati landak yang hangit dibakar utk asma? huhuuuuu