Monday, May 05, 2008

47. Pocket dah balik

i have went to kelantan and back in one piece.
its my first time to kelantan and am hell tired.
(although i've went to see IronMan 8hour after
my arrival in Penang)
Now there's sooo much dat i wanna tell ere...
learnt alot. But telling u in such a hurry may
cause me problem. well i might blurt out words
which might offense certain parties.
So have to be behind the bushes a little bit.
But no worries, the 'karangan' is typed and spell
checked, just waiting to be posted soon.
(With a whole lot of amending to do behind some

We went to the Beach... the melawi beach or something.
the main money contributor to the whole kampung was
tembakau so u can see tembakau plantation anywhere.
and the houses... was built with their own design.
(well.. i'd say that they have a template of the whole thing
but all i'm saying is they have less taman perumahan,
compared to penang of course)
The beach was nice!! clear sky, crystal clear water and
whitest beach i'd ever stepped my feet on.
There's even this makhluk but still alive!!
(This was my first time seing this thing up and running actually)

During the night i've went to a place called the Heritage,
well we had our dinner there like twice of all the whole trip!!
this was the Kakak who's making our CharKoeyTeow dat day.
She's Penangian,
Have to request for an apology from you pocket since i've over
edited the whole pic. THe background was too cluttered with

I was also asked to join a family day of the Perdana Hospital.
Well they're having their family day and i was allowed to take photo of the whole function. This was a picture of a 'kakak' who's her face was hit by an egg tossed by her companion but didnt broke.
(I was aiming for expression ere... but somehow i couldnt manage to get a good one. THis one blurred)

All and all i've had a good time in kelantan pocket.
i dont know about u but i will definitely be going
there again some other time in the future.
Just next time it'll be not by bus.
(8 hours is just too long)

got like 530pcs of pic from the whole 4 day of the
trip. will be putting it ere every now and then pocket.
What have u been doing this whole cuti pocket?


A t i Q a h said...

Salam singgah.
Welcome home, pocket! he he
Luv ur pics. They're very nice. ;)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ lor, asal u tak bgtau yg u dtg kelantan. leh la i blanja u mkn nasik kerabu ker. ceaceacea... :P ~

azie said...

mu bawok balik budu dok?

Ceera said...

selamat pulang...

ninadw said...

i hate when i cudnt get jealous of u..
sebab tenet takde for a week ago..
tak tau plak u nk pegi mane this time..
ni bru leh OL balik..
tgk2 pegi klantan plaaaak..
dah balik ke blom ni???

Pocket said...

Eh! tomei nyer katak..
thanks for comin, will be putting your link ere...

apasal? u kat situ jgak ker?
kat maner? lenkali makan kat heritage moh!

Tak bawak la... tak leh makan budu sangat Azie oi, adod resdung pocket nii haa...

Umph.. selamat selamat, thanks for wishin

Heheh, dah balik doh, gi kejap jer, pg ahad sampai penang.

aria ayumi said...

suka gambar siput ituk. erk, cengkerang. err... not really sure nama ape dh die... :p

ninadw said...

tak 'ter' baca itu footnote..

saya tidak ada cuti.
kerja 6hari seminggu..
nnti apply cuti utk settle kn master degree kat sana :)


Ms Chrome said...

manyaknya pic...xde fotopages ke?? hiks...

Pocket said...

Wahh... amik master yek.. best of luck yer... tp cian dia tak cuti ..

Banyak ker? tak lah ...
this is what they say as..
too much for normal blog but
too less for fotopages..