Wednesday, May 21, 2008

53. PocketWentFishing

'then how?'
'waaahhh... frankly speaking, its more to chemistry rather than theory. how do i give it to you then.

Ok, u'r walking with her, at this point u'r still not in the stage of holding hands yet. maybe its your third date or something... what i'm going to tell u is how do u hold her hand.
the first move.
the first encounter with the venusian. heheh,

u walk with her, moving your hand back and forth,
try to make it the same rhythm.
When she's moving her hand
to the back, yours should too.

Most probably her hand would swing
in a smaller frequency,

to get the same frequency with her would be difficult.
Cause we men usually would swing bigger.

Once u've got the rhythm,
try to 'fish' for her pinkies,

that'll be her smallest finger.
Slight touch on the finger first.

See the reaction.
If positive, gradually increase the touching surface
and the
touching time. Do it as slow and gentle as u can...
This is crucial because
she must not freak out!
Should she start to walk with her hand wrapped around
her body,
its all over for u pocket. Game Over

Then the fishing escalate to the final level.
Hook her finger with yours.
U dont have to hook her finger dat much.
Hooking it like u wanna pull off the coca cola can
opener would be disastrous.
Just a slight force would do.
just for her to felt it that u'r actually hooking her finger.

u play the guitar pocket?
well its something like when u pluck the E string in the
middle of the night playing to your self making sure
your sleeping room mate wont get bothered by the sound.

now if u can get here, u can definitely go till the end.
u can only lock your hand with hers after u've felt her
finger is also applying force whenever your finger is
hooking hers.

then just go the whole nine yards my friend. :D'

Now pocket, i got this tips from a friend of mine
when i was still too young to drive but falling for
an upper six kakak angkat.
(Dat guy didnt talk in english and most unlikely to refer me as 'pocket',
but this is the pocket writing, therefore...)

she's treating me like i'm a kid
but i'm feeling like a man.
Our age differs so much but our height dont.
(so this tips does complies to us)
she writes to me all the time (in those little 10x10cm little pink paper)
thus so did i
(This was the time when the handphone was not a common thing)
She left the school when i was also leaving for beseri perlis,
i wonder how is she right now?
Tried the tips above...
back then i
cant handle my thumping heart
paralyzing my moves. huhuuuuuuuuu...

But it does work though, no doubt about that,
or else how did i got your sister Kon...?

Pocket... holding hands lately?

Recently somebody out there got lucky,
looking forward to more of her post :D


bendul said...

Ahha.. penah gak practice dulu, masa memula bercinta.. tgk jenih ikan gak.. ada yg kena guna mata kail halus, ada yg kena guna mata kail no 12.. ada yg buleh guna jala terus jer.. ohhoho.. besh besh..

Anonymous said...

ehem. pocket ngan kak amy ade pape ke... ;))

Princess Liyana said...


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ to my dear Pocket,

tak kan berlakunya holding2 hand for me utk seketika waktu. i've made a decision last night. bak kata u, kena jual mahal. :P ~

EpaL c0keLaT said...

Hye there!~

Thanx...jenguk2 blog i n drop some comment..

Pocket said...

oooiiihh, kot yer pun ko guna perumpamaan guna jala la pulak. eheh acaner la yg guna jala tu beb?

biarlah rahsia hwek!! hwek!!

sajo jo kan menimbulkan kontroversi ehek.

Pink? mano u dpt tu?:D

u memang kena jual mahal sket.
baru la cinta tu manis lagi berkrim.

Epal C,
umph, mcm rajin plak blog hopping kebelakangan ni.Thanks for the return visit :D am putting your link in 'pocketeers'

Princess Liyana said...

little pink paper?huhu

azie said...

ahaha!apelah..taktik lame weyh!

yun said...

ada lg satu skill
bwk2 le nk lintas jalan
amik peluang tu utk pegang tangan dia hehehe
skill ni biasa org wat kan

mySmartAir said...

hahaha..not bad u ahh when you was young..already know how to "pancing-pancing". Maybe that is how you get her..mau menuntut ilmu boleh ka?

Pocket said...

alaaaa... kertas kechik yg kiut miut tuuuu.. eheh:D

Taktik lamaaaa... masa tu 1990an dulu nuuuu
azie pun ntah nya tak lahir lg :p

Yup, tried that but failed also, cause she was the one guiding me not the other way around ...
hek enneee....

buleh buleh... tp i tot u've done with hunting?

pandagumuk said...

sweet la swing2 tu.huhu.

Tny said...

Holding hands lately?! Errmm.. fishy.. hehehe.. apsal font kecek, tersorok? ;) hhahaha.. top secret ka? :P

Ehh Ariff, ur bro ke? He added me into FS's friend.. dia kata..adik kamu.. is it?