Tuesday, May 06, 2008

48. IronPocket

As per i've mentioned to you below,
i've watched that wretched movie
'The Ir0nman'
That movie was great and i love it!!
well.. first of all its because of the tech.
How often can u see a man in a metal
suit flying in supersonic speed.
i'd have to say u need hell of a fire power to
fly just by a rocket on your feet like that.
now now pocket... u cant toss in 'logic issue'
inside a movie like dat right?
or else how in the world do we explain
'P1rates 0f the Carr1bean'?

Gvvyneth Paltr0w (acting as Pepper P0ts)
Aint she a beauty or what...
i've looked all the web for a photo of
Gvvneth Paltr0v in her 'open back' dress
which was so called 'bought by T0ny Strk' as a birthday present.
(This is from the movie, sorry to spoil u pocket:D )
she is soooo the comel.
i can still remember her movie 'Shakespeare in luv' .
before that i cant remember her earlier movie.

This is a story of a man who's proud of his business
but later found out that he hate his own product.
A doctor called yissen makes him realizes that as
the doctor left our hero to see his families.
Our hero then build his metal suit and start to become...
...well heroic :D

But in this movie...
There's no scene like our friendly neighborhood hero
the spidey gone to save some kitten got stuck in some
trees or anything like dat.
There's just so much action and humor shuffled together
dat u'd regret it u've drank the whole 600ml Mineral Water

i'd say a great movie to enlighten your mood.
a no brainer with full of entertaining action
She's just too beautiful to describe:D
(Tua dah tapi kan... How old is she anyway?36?)

So Pocket.. if u have the time, go and watch the movie yah...
i'm giving 8/10 stars...
How about u pocket?

come to think of it, any normal human being whose
taken that kinda beating even in a Titanium shell...
would definitely died...
but then again as i've mentioned above...
do not toss in 'logic issue' in a movie...
u wont enjoy your RM9 worth of ticket.


ayaq said...

Gywneth Paltrow? COMEL??!

pandagumuk said...

orang besi besh!

purplechoc said...

ala,belum tgk.bila nak tgk nie.sigh~

filantera said...

hehehehe kena tgk ni:D

azie said...

lum tengok lagi..tak minat cerita supeherolah..kecuali spanbob squarepants,haha

yun said...

blom tgk lg..maybe mlm besok. owh mlm ni tiket half price la. ok jugak tu.
pst pst anda kena tagged. plz check my blog

Princess Liyana said...

Tak tahu plak umur dia:p.ehehe

ninadw said...

ai hate ironman.
bukan sbb cite tu.
tapi, ai nk tgk ironman tu dgn bf ai.
apesal ironman dah kuar kt msia?
apesal ironman dah kuar kt indo gak?
apesal mmbr ai tgk ironman tak ajak?
apesal bf ai igt ai tak suke dia nyanyi?
apesal muka ai macam muka gwyneth paltrow?

btw, tgk ktne Rm9?

Pocket said...

apasal? tak comei ker...
hummmmm... :)

Panda, Filantera,
heheh, gi la tgk...

citer superhero kira macam magie perisa tomyam,pedas and rediculous sikit. tp sesekali apo salahnya?

umph, akan dibuat tag tersebut nanti:D

umph, tp menurut Wikipedia.. dia lahir 1972.

eh, maybe tak lah 9 inggit, tak tgk plak resitnya, tp rasenyer kasi not lima ploh and dpt pulangan 30 something... so assumption jer laa..

mummysyafie said...

Gywneth Paltrow? best..suke tgk lakonan dier...wat apa watak pun menjadi..

ironman? wahhh..nak tengok gak lah

Tny said...

Suma [mostly] my fren bloggers ade post psl iron man ni.. mana aci.. korang suma dh tgk yea...

Sungguh2 super syiok ke pocket?

Pocket said...

Besh besh, sesekali tgk superhero memang besh, sesekali tgk la plak 27 dresses ker, tp iron man memang besh,
rasa pakcik la tu pun :D

memang besh la kut dik tny, rase cam nak gi tgk skali lg jer nii:D

aria ayumi said...

iron man ituk nampak mcm spiderman plaks. diorg adik beradik ker? :p