Wednesday, December 01, 2010

332. Sakitnya telingaaaa...

Ima came to me the other day,
'pocket, nak mintak sign utk gate pass buleh?'
'ima nak gi mana?''nak gi klinik.. telinga berdarah'
i looked at her, she kept on staring down at her toes,
i didnt realize that she was trying to hide her swollen lip
and the red cut at her eye brow.
I checked my zipper,
it was properly zipped on.

'Kenapa telinga darah plak ni.. tengok sikit'
i can always just signed the gate pass but i wanted to flirt a bit.
but as i saw her face, i'm not in the flirting mood anymore.
Her face was like hell boy's face by the end of that second movie.
The one where he was beaten by that handsome pale bloke with
the spears.

'kenapa ni ima!!? farid pukul lagi?'just another ima in my story,
just another farid that is different from one another in my story.
she didnt answer.
'imaa.. farid tu bukan nya husband pun lagi, dia dah pun pukul ima
cam ni, takkan ima nak biar lagi kot.'
'accident' she answered
'accident konon? ima terpelajar, ima buleh pikir. jangan la dikabui
dek kata kata manis mamat tu.. kan saya dah nasihat ima dulu.
jangaaaan... jangaaaannn... tapi ima nak jgak!'she inhaled deeply
like she was trying to absorb the wind power or something like that.
'sayer yg salah..'

and i just screamed inside.
wanted to slap her a few more time ontop of the pain that
she's having but i dont see the point.
plus takkan nak penampor anak orang kat office plak kan.
it was just last week when i've given her the advice she suppose to follow.
Ditch him,
file a police report.
stop giving him money.
be proud of yourself.

but today she's beaten by him again.
she must be fallen for him againor else how can she ever get herself
in the same room as he is.They must be making out again.
and for some reason ima must've said something wrong again
letting him beat her again.

ohh what is the point of my advise if u'r not following.
ohh what is the point of coming to me seeking advise
when u kept on falling for him again.
ohh why do i even bother.
go die lah!! hoh!!

we kept on doing the same mistake over and over again.
and somehow people just accept the fact that it is because of love.
adehhlaaa.. sakit nya telingaaaaa...


HEMY said...

betul. aku paling hangin org mintak tak ikut..ahaha

aBoi said...

kesiannya dia dan ntah apa-apanya dia.

Pocket said...

btul tu btul tu..
masa nak mai cerita prob dulu,
iyer iyer jer macam nak amik tindakan.
tp bila dah nasihat..
dia buat balik.

kalau setakat nak cari orang nak wat curahan hati.. cari la stok BF ker haper.

memula dulu kesian,
sekarang ni dah tak..
lantak lah..

una berry said...

it's not for us to judge
I'm kinda understands how that ima feels exactly anyway (been there)
dia bkn xnk follow advice but try to put urself in her her idiot and whtsoever, she wont even care to listen though
just hope and pray that she'll finally learn her lesson someday

peace! :D

Aisyah AR said...

salam blogger....tambah kenalan yok!!