Monday, October 25, 2010

320. Hall of beauty...

Bendul is to blame,
he was the one introducing me to this dot com site that
is so jahat in its way but still fulfilling every men who
visit that site with full of beautiful and beautiful pics.
Try google up GarDeesChoMel[dot]kom
(Of course that is not the actual spelling but u know what i mean)

if the owner of the site is a nuffnanger, then he'd make
hundreds or thousands by the month just by his traffic.
the owner is good. he (Or She!!?) knows that there is
a lot of men browsing internet just to see cute faces and
sexy legs. (Or cleavage for all that matters)
and so he delivers...
A homepage that only shows pic of ...
sexy girls but not naked.
cute girls but not artist.
Beautiful pic but not published

(Some artist does come up every now and then though)
pic that u can sometime stumble upon
after 10 bloghopping, or checked the pic of 30 random people
in FB.

hell, i'm spendin 10 to 20 clicks everytime i'm visiting the site.
and i have to force my hand to click the shut down button or
else it'll be the sunrise.

oh it will benefit the men of course,
we can spend our precious connection to look at nature's beauty.
and it will definitely be a benefit to the girls...
cause if your pic ever posted in the homepage,
then u'll know u are beautiful by most eyes.

to the owner of that site.
'i dont care if the
site is new, or dying.
but i support u!! '


HEMY said...

hehehe..sometimes I visit the site too..cuci mata

Sunduvan said...

What was the link again. I tried to google it but can't find it. hahaha
Go Kudat!

Dee said...

eee..pocket..gatalnya..buat dosa mata eh..hahaha..

Anonymous said...

pocket gatal..hahahah

-NiD's- said...

Poket gatal erk....babab satg baru tau...tak baik woOOO ...

bendul said...

errrkkk... then i have to take all the blame, all the sins..!!??

ahahaha.. it's ok, coz we're not use the page for other dirty purpose..

but how if pocket use it for something else..?

pocket..!! don't you ever..!!