Tuesday, May 04, 2010

286. The Day 'A Book' Took Flight

More of my 'took flight'
stories from the past.
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To those who havent read it,
maybe u wanna take a look,
its not related, not any good,
but it’s just the previous 'me'

Have u ever heard of an honourable act towards love that
u wanna puke or shake your head in disapproval?
like a story i've once heard about a guy who was so inluv with
his adik angkat. He is not wealthy or anything but he paid his
adik angkat's school and tuition till she was old enough to get
into UiTM Shah Alam. He however didnt finished school but
working his blood and sweat at a construction site for her
expenses. Both of them were from the same orphanage.
In luv from those young age, when ice-pop is shared by both.
Its just that she was the brainer, he is just a muscle.

This luv story ended with the girl introducing his future husband
to him on his proposal day. A dinner at some fancy restaurant.
He left the table never to be found anymore, left the bouquet of
flower and the proposal ring on the table....
some say he end up owning some piece of land
in pahang living a lonely life of a pembuat arang.
Kesian kesian, adik sayang tak sayang,
kesian kesian, abang sayang jadi arang,

Never heard of those kinda pure true love sacrifice? (Whatever that may mean)
Then try reading the book 'Dear John'
somebody told me that this book reminded her of me,
i wonder which part?
The guy who got tensed a lot just because he is missing her too much?
or the guy who surfs with strong build and crew cut, channing tatum,?

The Story...
...was slow and detail in the first half, where all his thoughts of her.
His view, his feelings, the gesture and what they're talking about was
mentioned in the best way one can put.
He lets u afloat in his world of fantasy where u'd feel
the same romantic pink sky and bird singing merry song like
tailor swif's tude was a feritel.
Till u'll fallen for the girl he's describing, Savannah.
Heroin nyer entah kenape ku bayangkan berambut itam.. hummm

The last half however, was fast. He just let us see the whole scene
like clipse of picture, one to represent every two month of
John's life in Iraq. Am not saying that i hate it, that is just his way
of writing. The ending was never an issue, u know the ending right
from the beginning. And he was great in his writing to let u hope for
Its like when watch a movie that the hero's death is inevitable,
he's shot, he's left to die in a locked door and the water is rising.
U kept on hoping for someone to open the lock door and let the
hero live to smile in the end.
yes, he kept u hoping till the end,
will he fulfill u in the end?
read the book and tell me.

The Flight...
The ending was too heart touching, pure love that if u'd put it in percentage,
it'll be like how they describe wires... 99.99% copper.
His act towards his loved one was too honorable, too selfless,
that i throw the book from one end to the other side's racks of files.
Scared the people away with a slight shout 'tidaaaaakkkk!!!'
(I actually did this ^^)
The hero actually spent his father's money to pay for his GF's husband
medication. What was that all about? and by doing so, what will u get?
The feeling that she'll be happy? Then what about your happiness?
Ok, their son will be named after u maybe, but that is it!!
living happily ever after? yes they will, not u!!
Just let Tim die and u get savannah instead. u still luv her,
and u know she luves u still. Then u'll get a happily ever after.

That is why these kinda story is always told with an intro like
'i know a friend who know a man that is related to this guy called pocket, ...'
cause in reality it never happens, and if it does happened...
No one will talk about such mistake. True love konon...

What do u think pocketeers? Even if u dont read the book yet,
what do u think a pure selfless sacrifice for love will get u?
happiness? the feeling that u belong in heaven?
I-am-simply-better-then-him kinda attitude?

i dont get it, i just dont.
NotaDuli: Tak!!Pocket tak kater buku tu tak besh,
kira abih besh la sampai ter'sentuh' kan.. cumaaaa


Adila said...

...well, call me selfish
why should i care about making other people happy when i can't be happy myself?

don't u think it's tiring to make other people happy when u're the one who suffer the most?

life is once
i don't want to live my life feeling miserable as hell

it's always a good idea to be selfish :P

HEMY said...

that story of yours, abang arang...it's might be caused by both of their egos or stupidity

yg laki might have just pendam perasaan cinta dia for all those years..or..yg pompuan dh tau laki tu cintakan dia tp wat tak tau n hope laki tu paham..

buduh dua2

zyan said...

Pocket..kekadang orang rasa bahagia just to see orang yang disayangi bahagia..

NURUL M. said...

cuma apa dong?

mak ai lamanya menghilang or kite yang tak jengah sini?

aBoi said...

dia bahagia, kita sengsara..
apa motif?

hidup mesti diteruskan..
we deserved to be happy..

Pocket said...

umph!! btul tu,
kalau kita tak happy,
kenapa orang tu buleh plak?
usahakan bagi dua dua tak happy,
baru padan muka kita :D

basically a lesson for us not to be
stupid enough to do anything as such.
i'd say the guy was all muscle and no brain.
for him, showing her the sacrifice
was enough for her to feel luved.

wrong cause we men will never understand
woman.. and woman sometime refuse to see
the little thing.. like quiting school,
work in early ages, paying for her schooling.
all those little thing.. humm

umph!! ayat nasihat common lagi general!!
kadang kadang.. shit do happen. so live with it.

rasanya kamu dikenali ngan nama lain dulu..
cuma apa?

'cuma realitinya tak mungkin'

tak lah sampai kita perlu buat sesuatu plak kan,
kekadang kita kalah, kekadang kita menang...
(Pocket selalu kalah, selalu nangis dah)

masa kita kalah tu.. kalau dah tak leh menang,
balik n nangis jer la.
tak pun pi pahang bli sekeping tanah, jadi pengusaha arang.

tp kalau buleh menang.. selagi buleh menang..
sila lah jangan putus asa.
jangan la plak pi sponsor enemy team punya peluru plak tu.. lagi la kalah beb.

rhapsody LiN said...

bro, bc en3 ni.. kitorg dpt tau pasal arwah dari cini..


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

u really spoiled it bro!;)

but then again, i can't blame you. i' reading it too slow.

come to think about how nicholas sparks love sacrifices.remember the sacrifice in the lucky one?

nobody would have thought that the ex-husband would die.

that's what we called drama:)

iza~de~bintang said...

Fiieuh macam dengar lagu jiwang meleleh syura pulak...biarlah ku bersedih sayang, asalkan kau bahagia...." adoyyaaiii tak suka tak suka.

"ku izinkan kau pergi kemana pun kau mahu, bahagialah dikau semahumu... aku pun cari bahagia ku sendiri"

hurm kalau jalan cerita camni okey sikit - realistik :)

Pocket said...

dah gi tgk dah,
tp tak der cerita 'bagaimana'
alahaaaiii.. baru sangat kawin,

heheheh, sorry for spoiling it.
well u can always watch it tru movie sis:D

who says anything about the ExHubby from the lucky one sacrifice himself for his son?
Thibault killed him by drowning him in the stream. nobody knows it anyway.


yes, nicholas sparks did sacrificed the mentor in TheGuardian.. if the book was the same as the movie that is...

tak suka kan..
dah tu, sndiri sedih tak perlah gitu?
mana buleh?

suka ayat last tu..
'biarlah ku cari bahagia ku sndiri' :D

in other word.
'lets move on shall we?'

Annaster said...

actually, my kind of way. u shud say something. it doesnt matter apa pun respond nya.
perhaps happy feedback or worst, but at least u managed to say it.
rather than nothing at all but then menyesal..