Tuesday, February 09, 2010

263. He's Gay, so what?

There is this Mr G, who gave me a chance of
earning the food i'm putting on my dining table.
a loaf of bread not much, how i wish i'm getting
some meat and cheese too, a jug of milk to soothe
down the throat.

so one day me and Mr G went to Sungai Petani,
something about a plastic cover got scratches.
and we talk, i drive slow, so we got all the time
to talk about stuff, now let me tell u about Mr G,
he is nearly twice my age and i was born when this
land was still called malaya, imagine how is he.
in malay we would refer him as the one who eat
salt first.. (makan garam dulu) hahahah...
so since he is the one who should be getting the
high blood pressure first then he knows stuff that
i dont know. And his perception on life is different.
its really nice to hear different point of view rather
then those from the same age, we who got melancholy
over richard marx's 'right here waiting'.

ok back to my slow driving, we talked about music,
some cute blonde girl with an accent was on,
twist the knob to change the volume from 3 to 6..
'i heard she's a lez' Mr G voiced out,
'oh!! is it? well i can take lez, hate homo though'
'why? both are the same what?'
from his point of view yes, both are sins.
'no, watching lez making out turns me on,
watching homo? am puking just by imagining it'
'well my daughters hated her for that, not listening to her nomore'
'why? so u have to be straight to sing?' i asked..
,,and then Mr G explained in his own word, which
i cant remember no more, but cutting it short,

We Produce What We Are,
if my officedesk is cluttering and dusty,
then so does my report will be,
so does my document control will be.
cluttered and out of place. See my desk here
14. Semak Sangat ker Pocket? heheheh, bangga woo

If i am an anal scratching, nose picking snob,
then dont eat my karipap, for it will be as filthy as i am,
containing biological salt in it, u'll puke right after.
(If u know lah kan^^ heheh)
If i am a homo or a lez, then so does my singing.
And what does songs do? it gets into your head till u
can feel the expression in your heart,
the passion, the sorrow, the feeling.
(there is a different between those who sings his
heart out and those who sing from a piece of paper
of jotted down lyrics.. they sound different)

Ever got hooked down with a song till u'r listening
it over and over for 3 hours straight?

Ever cried over a song that u found exactly
tally with your current feeling?

Ever hate a song just because it remind u of someone?
till u actually felt your heart pumping jelly instead
of blood.. and every heart beat is an effort.
Throbbing your rib cage like its gonna blow.

Then i say that he is right,
the singer does effect the listener,
what say u pocketeers?
do we have to hate a singer just because ...
...she drinks?
...he is gay?
...they're a devil worshiper?
...she got married with the wrong guy and they broke up?

How i hope Faizal tahir is a straight guy


.millalara. said...

mendengar bukan sahaja dgn telinga tapi dgn hati ohh...

currently addicted to: telephone- by gaga & beyoncit

Pocket said...

so kalau mendengar tu dri ati,
dan nyanyian tu influential,
then no wonder ramai yg rambut stret with celak kat mater masa avril levin
glamer dulu:D

ker trend? dah tak tahu dah^^

Anonymous said...

aku benci artis yg berlagak

Kujie said...

kadang2 deria ke-6 pun mengalami 'kecelaruan neutron'

Jard The Great said...

aku nyer meja messy ar skang.. huhu

Super Nia Hana said...

cecukupla dgn anuar zen
nape faizal tahir plakkk

aBoi said...

kalau lagu dia best..layan juga..

tak kisah la either dia gay or lez or whatsoever..hehe

intan izani said...

rasenye depends pada org
sesetengah org tu kalau artis tu
perangai buruk ke apeke
dah tak suke terus
sometimes, kalau kita dah suke sgt artis tu
mungkin ape dia buat leh affect perasaan kita
wah, giteww

but i love miley cyrus
her act, her song
her fashion
and everything
i dont know why..

malaysian-i luv yuna
and FT also..just like u..

i dont like ziana zain
even shes not lesbo

Dee said...

tetiba i remembered 1 of my friends saying this..when she was studying in US 20 years ago..

she was asked whether she was a gay..she answered.."only a thief knows a thief"

well...that remark makes her friend shut his mouth..hahaha..

i dgr je suma lagu..yg penting sedap..no prejudice..

~LP Lum~ said...

salam pocket~

hehehe... bg sy lak, dgr lagu hnya sekdar mendengar.. wlaupun yg nyanyi 2 ada tabiat yg xpatut nak d contohi.. kitakan ada akai, cuba ar pkir.. cth, kalo yg nyanyi 2 terlibat ngan dadah, xkan ar kita pun nak ikut dia ngan dadah?? akai ada ka??
kalo yg nyanyi 2, homo atau les, xkan nak join gak?? btl x?? (bg sy ar)
dgr dorg nyanyi n watpe nak taksub sgt smpai ikut cra dorg?? mcm sy suka punk rock, sy xde pun jd punk.. ;p
apa pun yg pnting, dr niat sesorg 2 n dr akai yg d kurniakan dek Allah.. ;)

UglyPooh said...

faizal tahir itu straight :-)

Cik Qemm said...

hmm tak pernah meletakkan kriteria untuk suke sesuatu lagu. rasanya kalau dah suke tetap akan suke even dah tau artis tu ade hubungan sejenis.

tp saye tak suke mawi :P

ayshia nique mazlan said...

i din care about their personal life..as long as they produce good musics or did good in acting :)
that's it!
xkisahla diorg nk cerai ke, nk amik drugs ke, smoking ke,clubbing ke, gay ke...:D

Pocket said...

dan dengan mendengar artis yang berlagak, kita pun jd belagak jgak?
hummm... mungkin!!

sebab deria ke 6 tu bukan dari otak,
tp dari hati:D
tu yg mix feelings tu:D

pastinya keja anda pun messy jgak,
jika tidak.. maka pocket salah:D

heheheh, FT tidak..
dan tidak akan ..

kan, that was what i think first,
tp camana ngan teori MrG?

bukan nyer kita pikir pun kan..
ala mamat ni taik pit, tak nak layan lah..(Taik pit lagi suare sedap actually)

miley cyrus?
buleh layan tu:D

ziana zain tu maybe orang tak suka pasal attitude kot ..
tp pocket rase suare dia besh jer:D

ok, kurang paham sket,
'only a thief knows a thief' tu..

kiranya gay jer yg mengenal gay yg lain yek:D heheheh

well dik,
the thing is, kalau kita tak sedar perasaan tu masuk dlm hati.
memang mula mula tu tak kisah,
tp kalau dah termasuk dah,
akai pun tak der guna,
mcm la yg duk jd lez n homo kat luar sana tu tak lepas PMR suma or mentally disable kan :D

'LObo - how do i tell her about u'
actually gives an idea of why men can actually luv two girls.... so?

harap harapnyer lah kan:D

pocket tak suka mawi jgak..
sebab suma orang lain suka dia :D

first time ere,
thanks for dropping by...
tang part cerai berai tu pocket langsung tak kisah..
lantok korang lah...
tp tang part gay,
tu.. cam kena pikir sikit:D

filanastasia said...

pocket : long time no see.. hehehe.. well.. so interesting la this entry.. for me.. there's no different.. becoz.. ex: singer; we listen from the ear to our heart.. not exactly for the eye matter.. so as long they are good in what they are doing.. they're good.. no upon intent.. doesn't matter if they gay.. les.. married.. divorce.. handicap.. it's inside their heart that matter..