Monday, January 28, 2008

21. HujanEmas

Dey Pocket...
hujan emas di negara orang,
hujan batu di negeri sndiri,
lagi baik kat negeri sendiri.

Cam tak betul jer pantunyer kan... tak der la,
selalunya pantun ado pat kerat kan .
tak pun dua kerat.
cam pen merah pen biru, u marah...i luv u
(tte singkat nyer pemikiran, pikir la samting better huhuuu)

bebaru ni gi singapore. cam besh la jgak gi negeri orang ... its just the timing was not soo good for me, cause i was having another arrangement but i have to cancel it for the trip.
But then again ... i am glad i did went to the trip.
Cause if not... then i'll wont be stumbling upon Mizot.
Which i dont wanna disclose u her real name.
Mizot...still waiting your comment in this blog. i know u're reading this:D

what does it tells u when in singapore :
A lot of nice cars on the road. Mazda, jaguar, mercedes, BMW
A lot of MainLand Chinese foreign worker.
The police hardly take 'wit kopi'
There is no such thing as free parking
People who works in Singapore sometime lives in Johor.
The water was told to be recycled. (I Refuse to accept this^^)
Lots of singaporean was told to have their second wife in Bartam

I dunno lah pocket... there is pro's and cons of living anywhere... everywhere...
how do u make the best of the situation is what matters.
Kambing and Pocket.
I dont know why but i have this problem when going to singapore, my cholesterol level will shoot up. Cause its quite hard for us who are entertained by chinese people to go to malay place. I dont blame them... if u have to entertain chinese friends to go for lunch... where do u brings them pocket? so they always bring me to food court. There my choice would be limited to mamak's place. N mentioning Mamak...what comes out of your mind pocket...
Kambing!! hahahah...

Cheap Is Good
'So we have another 2 hours of time to kill before our boarding time... minum?'
says CikGuTan
'umph...ok... any idea where?' asked pocket...
'anywhere... what about those cofee place over there?' CikGuTan pointing to a distance papan tanda i cannot make of what was written on it.
'I know a cheap place ...i dont know its good or not.. but its cheap'
'cheap is good... lets go!!' ordered CikGuTan
So off we went to the second terminal... lower level than that the burger king near the escalator.
if u guys ever stuck at changi... u guys better went there to eat. cause the pricing is better.
the food aint better cause its just stall style... but its ok since Cheap is Good :D

Ketam ... i think i did once pronounced that crab and prawn can be considered as lipas and scorpion.
cause if u think that :
the big and mighty whale is the underwater version of an elephant
the fierce and carnivorous Shark is the underwater version of tiger and lions...
the colorful fish is the underwater version all the beautiful birds.
Then what are crab and shrimp?

Anyway... i have tasted the ketam goreng with telur masin, basically the boiled telur masin was tossed inside the minyak during tumis, then the telur masin was mashed and scattered tru out the tumisan and then comes in the ketam. quite nice... next time i'll try to cook this :D
Cause the one i've eaten there in 'the negeri orang' was dang nice^^

' la negeri orang n bawak balik hujan emas diorang'


Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

byk sgt gambar kt sini
mana satu 'hadiah' utk watashi?
gambar bunga takde?

Pocket said...

hooh kan...
gambar yang khas utk hanachan tak terambil la plak.
since sy gi ker area kilang, mano la nak ado bunga.
Sorry yek... lenkali sy akan usaha amik gambo bunga utk hanachan.

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

ala..tak kira la...pekata pockert cakap je gambar ketam itu hadiah utk watashi


bendul said...

byk nyer gambo makanan.. cemna nak kurus ni poket..?
(tte, jibun wa yaseteru noni, saikin 2 kilo mo yaseta..)

Danisha said...

hana nak gambar Ketam tapi kita nak ketam itu...wuaaaaaaaaa...

Pocket said...

okeh okeh...
hana chan amik gambo ketam yek pasal hana chan cup dulu,
danisha baik kan...
danisha kakak kena la beralah sikit,
amik gambo pakcik tolak trolley tu:D

filantera said...


Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

ketam mendapat undian terbanyak

Danisha said...

Nampaknya seksi gak pak cik tolak troli tuuuuu....

Bole lah......

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

adoila danisha..
sexy bangat ya

mizot desu said...

i do read ur blog la mr pocket =)
tatau nak comment ape je