Friday, January 25, 2008

20. Unmei to Deai

tte.. translate nyer fate n encounter
(Tak romantik nyer translation)

I was scheduled to go to Johor dat day, have to travel to Singapore
the next day. Got some Audit needed to be done. Some people to see.
Woke up early dat mornin to a phone call from Uncle Suba,
the usual taxi driver who was an hour early.
Knowing dat Uncle Suba is waiting downstairs,
makes me haste up all my make up procedure which then i
realize that i've forgotten to shave.
Dang u Uncle Suba!!
I arrive in the airport early, 0645 hrs awaiting flight to KLIA.
I thought my flight was at 0850.
But after my long conversation with Mama talking bout her trip to the Doctor on checking her BP. I realize that my flight time was actually at 0800.
I checked in at 0745
(Its a good thing they still let me on that flight..well i'm not that late^^)
Dang u Uncle Suba!!
Since i was a bit kalut the whole trip,
i realizes that i've misplaced my KL-Johor boarding pass when i was waiting at KLIA.
No Problem... i can always get a reprint.
Dang u Uncle Suba!!

So i walked from Gate A07 to the transfering counter somewhere near Gate A01.

There... i've laid my eyes upon a very breathtaking scene. (Well for me la kan...)
She was smiling from a distance of about 5 metres away...
i couldnt identify her yet due to my eyesight is rabun.
It has been 4 years since my last meeting with her,
I cant even remember when or recall the scene.
N then she say Hi...
She was as witty as ever,
Her face is as fair as what my memory portrays her,
(I dont think there is ample UV Light there in Japan)
Not to forget as cute as ever.

She was clad in purple dress or somekind.
(From this rabun eyesight... I think that colour is called purple)
Matched with dark jeans, and white Tudong.
We talked a while there, I walked with her to her departure gate after she bought her BurgerKing. it was quite a distance since her Departure Gate was B08
(How i wish it was longer)

we talked ... about how good she look
About how fat I am ^^;
About how Fukui community
About DaGrifindorz
About her being back from Japan but missed her flight (or sengajaly missing...)
to Her Hometown.

'Mesti tak ingat dah nama kita kan?' kata dia masa tunggu burger dia siap.
'aaaa... korang nyer batch ado pat orang... sorang namo ida, sorang lg involved with starpark'
i actually remembered her name all the time but at that point her name just simply didnt come out.
'Mizot!!' i said half shouting.
'haaa nasib baik ingat :D' katanya tersenyum.

I regret it for not wearing my best that morning.
I regret it dat i was 91 kg that day.
I regret it that I was wearing the wrinkled Company uniform.
Dang u Uncle Suba!!
But it was dang nice to see u again Mizot...
Wish we can stumble upon again in the future...
Alhamdulillah for the encounter
Thanks Uncle Suba for being an hour early.


bendul said...

donna unnmei ka shiranai kedo.. tapi kengkadang benda2 macam tu membuatkan kita ingat balik sapa diri kita, apa yang patut tapi dah berubah jadi tak patut, also apa yg tak patut tapi dah berubah jadi yang patut.. buleh ler muhasabah diri.. bagus tu..
(tte, diri ini hari2 patutnyer kena muhasabah, tapi tak wat pun..)

banji said...

and here I thought.. Uncle Suba is your boss heheh

nicely written bro, get yourself a spectacle

Pocket said...

yeah!! banji... am thinking of getting one. its soo hard when somebody say :
`Check out chicks in pink 3 o'clock!'

n i can see nothing except pinkish smoke lingering in a distance... huhuuuuu

Yeah... muhasabah diri yek...
simply letak tangan atas dahi n menung jap, am i better than yesterday?
lama nyer tak wat .

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

adakah watashi ni pelik?
lepas baca entry ni watashi leh tepuk tgn sensorang


KoudaGaijinsan said...

uwahhh...aku pon termasuk dalam wadai..ahaks,kandou..
tuh la,bila aite ingat nama kita,kita tak ingat nama dia,nanka shiturei na kanji shicyatta kedo..masa tuh,cemana & apa ayat yg kita guna utk cover??ahaks..selalu pikir..
anyway,nice way of telling da story.tgk tajuk & makin baca ke bwh,doki2 shicyatta?? hahahahah..bole jadi script writer?

Pocket said...

watashi tidak pelik kalau tepuk tangan pas baca entry ni.
its a free country... no one can tell u what to do or not to...
tp nak la jgak tau apasal yang tepuk tangan tuu? eheh

logik la wadai u naik...
me,mizot, her and u use to sits together in Haagen Dazs having 5 scoops of macha icecream kan?
bleh doki doki mase strolling down tuu? huhuuuu:D
thanks ... thats the intention actually:)
Script writer yer? hummmm ^^;
maybe buleh utk afdlin shauki but not for yasmin hamid.
(certainly not for robert zemeckis)

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

rasa happy sesangat la pocket
taktau nape


Pocket said...

hey... its always a pleasure to brings happiness to people.
I'll take your comment of being happy after reading the post as a compliment.
and for that I Thank you.