Thursday, January 17, 2008

15. Duit Poket

A friend of mine once spoken...
'money cannot buy everything, but without money... nothing can be bought.'

in a sense it is quite true.
Bendul once wrote money actually can buy happiness. I have to agree
(For certain condition ... yes, but not to all)

story one :
ali is coming back for raya... he couldnt afford the trip by flight so he chooses
bus instead. but he have a wife and two toddlers with him. would be inconvenient.
then why dont u come back by car ali? ask pocket...
well ... me car cannot go more than 200 km per day lah pocket... would break down to pieces.
Here money ensure the smile in his wife's face.
(ok... u girls out there would say that its not the trip dat would put the smile
in your faces but being with the luved one will... yess for u gals but not for us
men, we would be tormented inside every time we see u gal rubbing those
aching shoulders of yours smiling bracing the pain... would feel like dropping
on our knees and start promising that we will be working harder to buy us the
Honda City by next year)

Story two:
was in a car. a boy approaches, he was wearing dirty shirt and no shoes on.
beggars? i dont know... might as well be those scoundrels forcing kids begging
for money in the streets. the boy stares at me n say
'duit duit!!' while knocking the car window.
I opened the car doors so sudden that the boy fell down n i kicked his tulang rusuk
four times.
Ok that was a lie... i would'nt do that... wouldnt think of such thing...
poor him,
was he hungry?
was he cold?
or maybe he was just doing his job begging for money

Story Three :
yesterday i had a Prosperities burger for dinner... cant never get enough of those
blackpepper sauce. Yes hanachan... the drinks was not so nice so i changed it to
Milo Ais.
N by doing such thing... by indulging myself on such a nice feast...
i ended up having maggi tonite.
maggi kari without any eggs inside. how sad.

So pocketeers...
commit to yourself that we wanna put a smile to our luved one's faces
n to do so requires u to wake up early for work tomorrow and
get that fat bonus your boss promised
get that 30% raise this years (Most unlikely but we're allowed to hope)
then we can afford to pay for the flight ticket to go back raya...
then we can afford to pay for the honda city downpayment...
then the wife dont have to rub her aching shoulder anymore...
then our child wont be kicked at the tulang rusuk for asking money to strangers.
n most important of all... no more 'egg'less maggi


Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

amari oishikunai ke?
atau zen zenoishikunai?
ada bau bacha tak?

watashi ske mkn maggi kosong..tak ske taruk telur..
**actually tak ske mkn maggi(asuhan dr okasan sjk kecik)

uang...kadang2 watashi rasa uang tu penting dalam satu hubungan(sbb selalu terkena jenis lelaki yg pow watashi )
sbb tu..sampai sekarang watashi takutt nk pun phm la....ahahahahahha

bendul said...

pocket..!! never..!! never for don't put an egg in the maggi..!! it just the same as pakai kasut tak pakai stoking.. mono tarinai naa.. kesian kat maggi tu..

Pocket said...

hanachang tak suka makan maggi ker?
bagusnyer... actually sy tak la suka tp keadaan nmemaksa menggemarinya.
Kat MRSM Beseri dulu siap jadi Maggi Supplier lagi :D
Kena Pow dalam hubungan? hummm... cam pelik kan lelaki zaman sekarang. tak malu ker mintak wit dari awek yg baru jer tiga minggu kenal... ahaaaiii....

Maggi n telur is like irama dan lagu... tak buleh dipisah kan heheh... tapi bendul... dont eva try to eat maggi with two telur at once. u'll end up with a heart failure:D

KoudaGaijinsan said...

ahhh..maggi & telur..those lovely days..heheh..maggi goreng pulak camner?tambah cucur udang sikit ker..perghh.ahh missing pasemboq & mee goreng mamak already. :(