Saturday, January 05, 2008

11. My Baby U

Pocket went to singapore on the 3rd ~ 6th on January.
This time i didnt bring along my baby love. She was too tired to come.
I didnt even put any effort to let her sleep n regain her strength even.
I kinda somehow set my mind on not bringing her along this trip and
now i'm regretting every minutes spent ere without her by my side.
I miss my Dewi
On the fist night after work. We went to Geylang Road. A road for the
bujang and those who 'Perasan Bujang'... We took our time finding parking lot.
After some ketam and Kangkong Sotong, We went walking.
The road was mostly dark and Gloomy.
No special Lighting to illuminate the roadwalk.
I think they prefer it that way. There were girls standing on the side of the road.
Chatting among them self,
Waving to catch customer,
Appealing their deliciously sculpted body to the browsing customer,
Cosmetically cute as cute as one can be.
Revealing skin as much as one dares to...
I miss my dewi...
The pricing is about 35-80 Singapore Dollar. There were two type.
One is the illegal one, which is those who are selling outside (On the road)
The other group would be the legal one. Which have their own shop.
We went inside the shop to browse our option.
The girls were sitting on a specially prepared stage with soft and colored lighting.
Easier for the customer to pick.
(Basically Product Presentation)
The pricing will be fixed by the shop owner which is usually 80 Sing Dollar.
I miss my Dewi...
It is always a wonder how deep they are in the shit hole of poverty that makes
them choose that kind of business to put food on the table.
Is it their interest of the business nature? Quite thinkable.
Is it their family business? Yes for the pimp, 'i dont think so' for the girls.
Is it simply one way to look for money? Easy money? hummmmm....
Whatever it is, i pray to Allah hoping none of my family nor any family that
i know of would even approaches the 'business'

Me n Mr Isaac went back to our hotel empty handed but with a feeling of self redemption.
No...Do not think i'm gonna layan those cheap kupu2malam pocket...
Cause i'm still not that bad. No regret for sleeping alone that night.
(Fainted with my socks on and the whole office attire till 6am)

But i do regret my baby luv Dewi was not ere.
Dewi, I'll charge up your battery every time u're flat next time and i
will make sure u'll be coming to all the business trip i'm going.
Cause ngacum dlm blog without any photo is too depressing :(

Bendul... Jum gi singapore nak?


Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...


*watashi sedang berdoa pocket cepaT2 dapat jumpa dewi

filantera said...

wakakakakaaaaa kalau idak leh tgk byk scene menarikkan!!!

Pocket said...

kalau tak.. memang akan dipaparkan gambar sayap kupu2 bebanyak dlm blog nii... rasenyer dua minggu pas tu kna band la blog ni since ada banyak sangat erotic pic.

rindu nak teropong tru dewi's viewfinder lg since dah lama sangat tak tangkap gambo:D

tiga malam tanpa Camera in a beautifull country is quite painful

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

u talking about camera keeeeeeeeeeee???????????????????????


Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

watashi igt pocket duk guna ayat2 puitis kappe..ahahaahahah

**hana gelak sambik tepuk dahi

Pocket said...

hana chan..
takkan la tak dpt tangkap kut :D
but i dont blame u.
its not often people dub names to their camera :)

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

ye arr...hati watashi dah terbuai2 ngan citer pocket nagn dewinya..

bendul said...

aaa... singapore kaa..? this year maybe my first oversea out station will come.. ikinari thailand.. hehehe.. tlg bagi guide sket leh dak..?

Pocket said...

tips to thai.
Sorry terpaksa tulih dalam bahasa jpung
Matomo na massaji nanka nai!!
zenbu etchi no massaji da!!

aRa said...

Aiyooo...never been to S'pore(pernah tgk dr JB je..what pantai was it..lupa it pantai Lido??Lupa bab terlalu lama dah).. Teringin gak la nak p...but i have to make my passport 1'st...tgu dah keje la...Agagagaga...