Friday, February 01, 2008

22. MrBigMe'naga'

dat day was quite a cursed day i would say.
the day started hot from the morning turns to hell
when the production line found a piece of part which
have an obvious defect on it.
A part of plastic was missing from the part.
How does the incoming do their inspection when this
kind of defect is also undetectable?
To make it worse, the affected percentage was
dang high... 80% NG Part mixed with OK Parts.
To make it hell, the affected parts is assembled and
sent to Oversea.

We are summon to 'mengadap' Mr Big in his office.
once we stepped inside his office we felt the heat.
It was as if someone turned off the air conditioner.
He looks furious.
He tried to smile when we entered but somehow the
smile was not as sweet as usual. All of us comes in...
spread out around him so that should he starts to
draw out a gun n start shooting, all of us would be in
the line of fire.

'why?' as if a dragon growling in a low tone voice.
none of us answered.
'you do know how deep we are right now right?'
'now the delivery is already on the way, how am i going
to answer to the US side?

'Pocket!! have u scold Mr M for this issue!!?'
The volume is at 5 now... if it goes to 10, our ears will bleed.
I didnt answered.
'have u called them to come here!!?' ask Mr Big,

'aa.. no.. not yet'
i said fluttering.

'now thats your mistake there pocket!! u are getting blasted
by me ere, your job is on the line and u still let Mr M stays in
SP sitting in his favorite chair listening to his favorite music...'

'now i dont care if u have to shout to him on the phone,
eye to eye, what ever but he have to feel the heat we are
facing right now!! but just dont do it like a truck driver scolding
a dog!! do professionally.'

bong!! bong!! bong!! the table was pounded by Mr Big so hard
that i think he must have hurt his hand doing it.
'u've become soft... your quality control has gone softer these days...
your grip is slipping'
This one is for all of us...
the room turns to a silent space for a while.
Mr Big paused his lecture
no one dare to speak...
it was soo quite that i think the sounds of the air condition must
have sounded noisy.

and then....
peeee peeee peeee pet!! pe pe pe pe pe pet!!
peeee peeee peeee pet!! pe pe pe pe pe pet!!

the saiful apek song ...
aspalela was on the air from someone's handphone....
it was soo loud that the secretary turn her head to look
inside the office searching for the sound origin.
i had the urge to smile, but i just couldnt...
'tukar' Mr Big warned the handphone owner.
No Intonation, no feelings,
'it doesnt reflect your credibility as a good.... bla bla bla bla... '
and the lectures goes on till 30 minutes.

hahahahah.... when we got out, we couldnt keep it anymore...
we laughed at the Handphone owner and starts to mimic the
sound of the songs intro. hahahah
had a good laugh by the end of the day :D


Ceera said...

wakakaka... leh plak ada lagu aspalela tu.. lawak2

takutnye kena marah ngan bos, wuwuwuw...

Pocket said...

Mr Big memang garang orang nyer.
but a good captain and a good man.
am making him as me role model in life. :D

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

kalau watashi la pocket mau golek2 gelak
tp dlm hati je lah

banji said...

kena marah dgn boss mmg tak best. tapi ada org kantoi ringtone bunyi boleh le jugak mengubat hati...

so mcm mana kes tu? dah settle?

Pocket said...

memang nak gelak golek golek ... tp memikirkan MrBig is still furious, for the sake of my future, better not. Or else ,i'll be spending the rest of my life there under his command peeling potatoes.. hahahah...

Umph... the case solved. but there's a lot of documentation and data needed to prepare a waiver requisition form. hhaahah.. padan muka pakcik:D

bendul said...

hahahah.. pocket..!! give you 5 stars for the story.. never expect the last part to come.. hahaha.. laughed until cry la me.. hahahaha..