Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I am writing stories to you pocket, to tell u hows my day was, stories bout things… sometime its real, sometime just a fantasy. Simple reverie. Ideas bout thing that goes on through our life… from a simple little pocket pinggang thing till ‘death do us apart’
So as an encouragement of this thing that I’m doing… I’m starting to tell people bout my pocket… not to boast or anything..
(as if there was anything bout my pocket to boast bout)
Its just as an encouragement for me to keep on pocketing… at least I know that ‘that guy will be reading’ ‘that girl will be reading’ so that I will keep on updating .. with new stories.. new ideas… forcing it to come out in the open and expose themselves. Haha!!
But I need a digicam lah pocket.. heh.. datte.. tak der kalu kurang sket la nak isi gambo huhu…
Seriously lately I’ve got really envy wit one of the pocketeers, lots of pic… huuuu… nak la jgak…

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