Thursday, November 10, 2005

Aaa…aaaa…apocket!!(sneezing sound)

Huish!!today I was sneezing all day long. Through the whole QA meeting, they have heard my sneezing sound as a background music.. though it was not as melancholy as one should be… heh..
On the second day of Shawal, our jiran was admitted to a nearby Metro Hospital for heart attack, she was admitted at 5 am, we were trying to visit her at 10 am but were shocked to hear that she is already in a critical condition. I was the one driving the car, we rushed to the hospital to see her… but when we arrived there… we were already late.
She has already left the building and gone upstairs….
to a higher level.. much much higher..
I thought I wont be cryin, I thought I wont shed a tear… but seeing the Jiran’s daughter..
Her grandchild weeping for her, hoh… I was touched also lah pocket.. the rain also poured on me.. I weep slowly … covering the tears wit my sunglass though…
Her cucu was starving so I brought them to the restaurant below.. ate a sandwich and one more sandwich and for me .. I ate mee tomyam… they recovered from the sadness of loosing their nenek… what do you expect.. a bunch or 4 and 5 years old..
Well I kinda think … who will weep for me if I …..
It doesn’t apply to life and death only.. also for quitting your job.
I think everybody knows me over here in this small little company, but will they be sad if I leave the company?
Hahaha.. the answer is simple… lets try it out and see… heh:)
Anyway.. I’m demam today .. hell of demam I might add.. cannot think straight .. cannot see straight .. cannot talk straight.. the nose is running.. having quite a time to catch it back though…
Happy Monday … heh.. or is it Thursday?

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