Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I have those whitish thing on the nose lah pocket.. what do you do wit dat thing haa.. can pore pack really do the trick? Stick it to your nose and peel it off …
Or those facial wash with micro beads can reduce the whitish little devil? Can anybody tell me? Cause my face looks filthy with it. Heh

Its nice to know that u’re frenz bounced back after dropped from 18th floor heh:)
Pain heal
Scars remain
at least we know how much we’ve bled in your 27 years of life.
At least we’ve learnt. And one more thing.. nice pic of ely. Heh..
Thanks to StarPark for comin here... biler nak wat blog family lak heheh...

I cannot update much though pocket.. got a looooooottttt of work to do lah.. just a simple hai to da pipo.. telling that I’m still here..and got a loads of stories to tell… fantasy to dream.. lies to make believe .. heh and I miss u guys^^; wish I coulda drop this life of mine and go camping wit u guys or something.. heheheh..
But until then, Tata…

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yankiut said...

pocket selamat hari raya..cuba g facial hehhe..kat sini 30 hinggit je sekali facial..nanti dia korek kuarkan semua yg tak bess kat muka..pas facial pakai peeling cream..nanti kulit mengelupas dan dapat le kulit yang cun hehehe..pore pack tuh memamng aku tak caya drp dulu lagi..tapi kalau biore for men tuh membantu jgak lps guna tuh rasa muka kurang skit ke tak bestannya..