Thursday, October 06, 2005


Another posa is coming, but it’s the same old me. Alhamdulillah I’ve completed my last posa and hopefully I’ll be completing my posa this year too but whether with full mark or not .. that one only God knows. It’s the dosa kering that make points deduction.. all the nice ‘scenery’ that walk around here and there.. hoh.. hope your pose is fine lah pocket.
During pose, we get to evacuate(as if in balik ngan ceria nya..heh:) the building at 530.
On normal non posa days, we’re only running home at 6 o’clock, that is if u’re not doing any OT.
I don’t wanna do any OT during posa month.but if I do , then I get to breakfast at the good old canteen yg tak shdap tuu… well at least the cashier is cute. Heh heh..^^; one day I’ll be taking the cashier pic to show to you pocket.
Dunno if she agrees or not la tp kan..hehe
So after 530, I’ll be going back to the house. Its not much but it a place I lay down to sleep. Remembered the days in japan, I used to decorate my room, with cute spider plant on the tv(yeah pocket.. that plant is called spider plant) and picture on the wall(miss u hikki) .. not now .. I don’t have the money and the galakkan to do so. Maybe it’s the environment. Dun have any frenz to show my room to … my house mates is like hal kau hal kau lah .. hal aku hal aku. Sooo not encouraging. I think I have to change all this.. anyway .. I’ll show u also the pic of my room b4 n after..
(after my makeover la kan..which is going to be a loooooong way to go.. heh)
How do you guys living?


addik's said...

ahahah alas i ve come here. adik is here. been tryin to get here but dun have that much time tough. since this weekend ive been travelling round the kedah... bangwan's nyer minyak dah tuang from GC to AS to SP To Bertam and To kulim. dapat la dua tiga customer along the way. dari Kulim SIlly me, dah balik ikut salah jalan, balik ikut kuala ketil and terpaksa melalui jalan yang teramat jauh dan boring sekali. sorang lak tuh.

Yesterday...ahaha the roti jala project is on. pergh PENAT LAAA... dari pukul 2ptg dah siap siap gi umah norman (kue) and prepare everything. pegi tapak pasar ramadan pukul 2.30 berdiiri kat situ sampai pukul 7. dah la i sorg je yang tahu camna nak tebarkan roti jala tu, tepung lak kena rebancuh, panas, lenguh, lapo, dahaga dan lain lain. betullah org kata malu letak sebelah sbb penat. tapi ada gak rasa bangga +worried bila org beli. overall okay la gak. mencecah gak la RM 50. so everytima sesapa nak gi beli any juadah, try to understand and appreciate the problem, the tears and blood and the effort the sellers have been going through to deliver the food for u. ahaha macam personal blogs la pulok, nantila kay....mine will be coming soon.

P.S: banji and bangwan jgn bitau mama eh pasal projek roti jala ni.:P

pocket said...

too late bro.. mama is reading this.. tte.. tipu tipu..!! hahah.. oke oke .. sori i've make a stupid lawak after breakfast..heheh.. hey.. congrats wit da projek.. heh.. i'll go back on sabtu to have some of those nice roti jala..heheh.. and i'll be taking pic too.. hehe.. so banji.. wait till u see us tibar the jala heheh..

yankiut said...

hoh..pocket apsal akunyer link ko boh 'SgYan'??..Sungai Yan ke ape??kekekekhuhuhu..