Sunday, October 23, 2005


I’ve went to a frenz place last Tuesday to bukak pose.. she have been asking me to do so since the first day of pose but I was occupied with all my little stuff so I couldn’t go..Last Tuesday.. I’ve make the effort to cancel all my little thing and go to her house to buka pose samer….
Her mother was a canteen caterer, so the leftovers was like too much for a family to handle, so … she invite us to finish everything up. The food was soooooo delicious lah pocket..
Kari kepala ikan
Ikan bawal goreng
Ayam bakar
Kerabu mangga
Gulai kerang wit nenas

(anybody can tell me what’s the different between gulai n kari?)
Ulam dis n dat..
Air teh bunga
And not to forget the most important of all (for me la kan..)
Sambal Belachan
She made the sambal belachan.. the tuan rumah.. the one I call Axy (maybe u guys still remember her from my previous post), so I thanked her a lot for that.. since I couldn’t eat if I don’t have the sambal belachan.
It was raining when I speed my EX5 to go there.. the map got blur wit the rain water. Just to my luck, Axy has done a great job on helping me to get more lost by drawing the map upside down.. right to left.. atleast she gets the Indian temple right..
But some how I got there in one piece (late but still alive:) ) there was a Japanese girl and a Japanese bloke also during that feast.. the bloke couldn’t converse in malay yet so he kept his silence unless he was being asked for....the feast went well.. everybody was happy, and I was full.. teached the Japanese bloke the word sengkak..hehheh it was nice la axy.. thanks to you and thanks to your mama..
Maji de kandou.…

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