Sunday, October 30, 2005


Yesterday I’ve went to nearest university to do some testing on our NG Sample, the test can only be done at the univ. since the equipment is sooooo mahal lah pocket.. I’ve went there wit a colleague, arrived there at 1045 in the morning.
As I entered the microscope room, there were student here and there doing their work. My colleague was the one in charge so he was the one doing the talking. As I was browsing along the students project….
And then I saw her… she sits alone doing this project magnifying a belalang. The belalang was dead laaa pocket.. so there’s no chance the belalang would hop around screaming ‘hop for your lifeeee!!!’(although I do hope the belalang would do such thing so that I can offer my help heheh). She stick a needle through the belalangs back and put it under a microscope to take picture. The lighting was insufficient so she have to handle the lamp to make it brighter.
The hand movement…
Some time she finds her tudung was distracting her so she play with it once a while …
The way of her Tudung handling…
The way she move around.
The way she sits.. she lift her hand to the professor.. the way she ask for help.
How she was intimidated by the professor question. She bit her lips showing lack of confidence during answering the professor.
How she laugh…
Heheh.. sorry to say ..
Her cutting..:P
I got a glimpse of how she look..
The dagu..
The pipi
The dahi..
although it was half covered by the tudung.
Her baju and suar.. her kasut even… kasut litup kaler pink.. hoh!! I’m in luv!!!
How is it that it comes to this haaa..
Everything reminds me of her… dunno why but everything … everything goes back to her.. .. I think I’ve gone crazy lah pocket.. rindu la kut ..heh.. balik cpat sket b


bb said...

maiya hii,maiya huu,lalalaaaa...;p

pocket said...

Ish.. jampi serapah apo tuu? huh.. takut la plak ..hehehe.. anyway cute bb:)