Tuesday, October 11, 2005


So it has come to this condition where I have to go to johor tomorrow. Hoh.. got some work to do over there, dunno how long da work will be, but hearing the qty.. I bet its gonna take a loooonnnggg time to finish.. hoh.. well I might as well enjoy myself la kan.. rather than duk maki why does my life have to be like this.. its not that bad actually, get to meet the person that u’ve been talking to through phone.. understand the work process in customer places. Just the heat and the panas pose jer la kut .. then again I can try one of those air katira ..hehe… katernyer besh hehe… I might be staying at the grand blue wave.. dunno yet .. but most probably.
Wish me luck lah pocket.. hopefully I can do my work efficiently. Meaning no update la for the next three days.. huh..


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yeaahh!dah alang2 pi johor,wajib bli air katira tu:p ehehe..