Friday, October 28, 2005


On the 26th Oct I’ve gone to Ipoh to do some work there, the trip was fun.. we didn’t eat anything since all of us choose to fast (including the Indian girl). But it was damn exhausting .. so when I arrived at the mother ship, I couldn’t sit well since my job there is also pending. Once the clock strikes 530 I was already on my ex5 running home. Batt Low la pocket..
After my meals, I’ve slept. I thought I will awake at 9 or something but I was wrong… I woke up at 4 in the morning. The EX5 was left out there in the alley behind my house.
(usually I would keep her safe and tight in the living room where there would be like 4 to 5 locks protecting her from harm face)
Well my luck charm has run out. I’ve lost her.
Hell I was panicked, ran to the front lawn hoping my roommates would kind enough to done the job for me but negative. She’s not there..
So I’ve went to the nearest police station and make a report.
The police guy was quite nice to me, maybe since it was me who was the victim… after the reporting done... I went back to my house.. to sit tight doing nothing.. huh.. so I decided to take a stroll to the park .. just incase I stumble upon my motorbike.
And I was lucky.. after 1 hour of strolling.. I’ve found her.. or atleast what is left of her.. they have taken all the part that they can take off her and left her with the ‘tayar’ and the engine only, huh… sedih kan ..
So right now I’m in the process of the claim and everything.. huh.. hopefully my motorcycle wont take that much time to recover… sedih kan..
Moral, take care of her… let her sleep safe and sound in the living room. Give her medication once a while.. treat her wounds right away so she wont get cranky.. and hopefully she’ll stay with you her whole lifetime. Wont go dead or stolen by some punk.
I know this… but I’ve learn it the hard way…
How long is her lifetime anyway?15 years?:)

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