Saturday, October 08, 2005


Got a campaign lah pocket, so we need to pose an X gesture to indicate ‘no’ to something lah pocket.. its like no to dadah or no to cigarette. Haha.. well I’m one of the person in the photo la pocket.. can u identified which one is me? Hahah.. sure u can:)
I would like to introduce them to u guyz but I don’t think they would like it.. but anyway, these people is great. They treat me great, the’re like the best pals.. buy me things.. going out for dinner once a while.. But then again, I’ve once heard this saying :
If the job is great
(good prospect, making progress, making money)
Then the people will be like shit…
If the people is great
(great support, nice to hang out with, easy to talk)
Then the job will be futureless..
Dunno lah.. how true is this..?
Niss… da PV is great!!kandou la plak…

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yankiut said...

Heehe pocket kiut la buat posing X kakaka..about the pepatah you wrote..I don't agree..I think the main thing is how you look at the job and people around you..the way you think is most important