Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Today is Monday, heh.. as if u don’t know kan pocket.. got sooo many person from our dept gone to places during past weekend. Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and so on lah. So it has been a custom for those who have gone out somewhere to buy a little bit of tit bit for everyone.
I’ve done it too…(occasionally^^;…)
But this tit bit is really tormenting me right now, since this is a fasting month and I couldn’t bite the little devil. Hoh!! anyway, that was a cake from taiwan (box on the left) some mochi from Japan(the round one) and some gula gula from taiwan also ( the one in the green plastic)
I’ve went back to the kampong on the weekend, is nice to have the breakfast at the kampong once a while since it is sooooo samishii to have breakfast all by my own here. So last night I have the yong tao fuu, some murtabak, kanji .. karipap.. soya cincau.. and not to forget .. the kopi maktuk.. hahah.. sounds nice ye.. heh.. menyesal trus pas abiskan makanan tu sumer. Kenyang sangattt…heh..
‘Ish aku teringaaaat kat abang hang, katanya susah sangat nak bli benda berbuka kat sana’ says the maktuk.
‘hummm.. btui jgak kan, camanaaaa la dia nak gi bli lauk kat pekan tu kan. Dah la jauh’
Hummmm.. to my bro.. everybody’s is thinking bout u.
Hope things treating u right down there..


bb said...

sumer tulis kanji!ahaha!
comelnye mochi tu:p somehow those mochi reminds me of kuih apam..

pocket said...

hummm..cam tingin sangat nak makan mochi nih.. hoh.. tak mkn lg.. yup, those cake was from taiwan, all kanji one.. hehe..

yankiut said...


addick said...

ehehhe mmm actually the word for berbuka puasa is i am breaking my fast. it is not break fast, breakfast is the meal u take on the early morning, kita hanya buleh berbuka bila nak masuk maghrib....ohhh ni mesti duk berbuka pukul 8.30 pagi ni