Saturday, October 15, 2005


Hoh!!Da Air Katira was damn sodap siut… heheh.. I think I’m gonna marry a ‘johor’ian lah ..hahaha.. it’s a pity I get to have the Air Katira for only one plastic only… if only I could stay for few more days.. I’ll bloat myself with the green liquid (is it suppose to be green?) till I drown myself hahaha..
We went there by bus (can u believe it?) depart from here at 9 pm, arrived there at 7 the next morning. Have ourselves a bath at the larkin station and off we went to the factory we suppose to be doing our work .. the factory was damn hot. Work till 430 and cried tears of joy upon seeing the taxi to take us to our hotel. We didn’t went straight to the hotel though, we went to a small pasar Ramadan instead. There’s not much stall at that ‘param’ but we managed to bought us a bags of delicacies, murtabak, nasi goreng johor, ayam panggang, ayaq nyioq and not to forget the katira…
We arrived at the hotel Grand Blue Wave at 6 o’clock.
Checked In.
Took bout 5 minutes only but our two rooms were to far apart.1905 and 1405. so I’ve asked them to change it .. 1405 to 1904 hoh.. and they done it for me, so I have to wait till they prepare my room for me. While waiting for the room to be prepared, I ‘Lay Parked’ at the girls room to berbuka posa sesama. Peh .. the food was tremendously delicious looking siutttt.. Azan jer .. trus capai air katira ku, rasenyer cam santan, lemak n manis, got some biji selasih .. and some more thing like the one the put inside the lee chee kang..
Huh!! sodap siut .. maji de rasa nak kawin ngan johorian and live there till raya…and the next years posa and so on .. hehe.. datte katira dake ga suki dakara.. hahaha..
My nasi goreng johor was also not bad, remembered che fida used to cooked us the green fried rice.. how ya been doing girl..?
As usual we didn’t finished all our food, nak simpan mkn sambil tgk movie la konon.. the murtabak, ayam panggang.. cam bazir jer kan..
Forgot to tell u bout the room lah pocket.. it was 19th floor, the view covers all the north area, cheh!! Tak leh la nak tgk Singapore!! Hummmm.. after buka pose, I’ve went to my room, mandi .. make up.. and sleep.. never thought I’d be so exausted .. the girls wanted to go out jalan jalan so they called me at 9 something. Went for a stroll and returned to the nest frustrated, the swimming pool was 8am~8pm only, the karaoke room was not founded. Nothing in the area to look at.. the girls does stopped at the gym to look at the muscle inside though.. (For 20 min!!) cheh .. jeles la niii.. aku ni diorang tak nak tgk!! Huh:P
Slept at 11 something and woke up for sahur at 4
‘bangun sahur awak !! jum sahur jum’
The sahur was quite great. Nasi lemak, bubur kanji, kellogs cornflakes, telur goreng.. heh
we did our job for the day and flew ourselves back at 640pm, got a little time at the KLIA to pusing pusing and buy some stuff. arrived at our place at 11. it was an exausting experience but it was worth it. At least i got to taste the air katira.. hehe..
two days outstationed, I got loads of report to finish.. maybe cant update stories to you nomore lah pocket (atleast for a couple of days) but never be sad. I'll find the time..:P


yankiut said...

Good to hear you have tasted the legendary air katirra..well i've been drinking a lot of katirra since living in the south..but then if it to easy for you to get the air katirra..then you would be craving for another thing laksa penang ke..ketupat palas then you gonna feel like marrying people on the north la plak :P..buat anyway I really enjo living in the south rather then the north dunno why la pocket..maybe the rmadan here is extra meriah..hehhe

addick said...

heheh just askin, apa resepi air katira ni ek, bleh start the mania in northen area laks....anyone?