Tuesday, April 03, 2012

543. DemamRandomly

i was praying to be demam from the
last two week, cause i got so many things
to do and so little time afterwork to do it,
i tot if i got demam, then i can settle some of
the pending things i promised to people.
Well actually, I was in bad shape last week.
Demam, COughing, sneezing and even hallucinating
But i didnt took MC. There was a lot of  important
assignments to do and I sacrificed myself for it.

Then this week, today.
I got what i wish for.
I am demam today, been visiting the loo every 4 minutes,
headache from last night like i've hit my head on a moving
truck and of course... the sensitive skin.
I would cry even by the slightest hit of the table edge
on my waist right now. well the usual 'demam' symptom.
and guess what?
with this condition i am in,
all those things i was planning on finishing previously.
will still be left un attended. cause i cant even walk up
straight and go to buy me self the wrench to fix the
dripping tap.
Ohh... bill ayaq meningkat bulan ni.

hey hey!!
I see we got ourself a winner for the March Giveaway!!
Congratulation sis dari zonantaraitudanini won
the give away. Well she is the only one, i guess no one
want to sacrifice their skin just for RM10 of McD voucher.
Well pocketeers, think about it this way.
It is not about the McD Voucher,
It is not about the popularity or the post,
its about helping people,
blood is something needed...
and no manufacturers nowadays are able to produce them.
My GA is just something fun to do along :D
Lookout for my next GA will you!!!
It'll be for winner in June! I'll update the terms and condition.
Now!! everyone can win^^
So sis linda!! give my your alamat in FB for me to post u the prize:)

Hey Hey!!
its 8am and i need to sleep again,
my head is just hurtin me from last night.
Can anyone make me some chicken soup...?


Liselle MonCherie said...

Hoho,be careful what you wish for,it's no fun when we don't have to go to work having a fever instead of having a good rest XD.

Congratz to the winners! Hehehe I hope you get well soon. :)

adwafarahin said...

get well soon ya!
teruk sgt demam tu..pegi jmpe doktor klu masih x sihat taw! :D

Elie Lily said...

next time jgn memandai mintak demam tau! kalau sakit, semua bnda tak leh jalan, n for sure keje pun takkan siap! :(

btw get well soon bro! :)

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

nt i watkan,i bg u okeee.take care dude ;) drink 100+ ;)

Akue Achik said...


tp pocket yg maw kan..hoho

sy dh demam dah ari tu..

anyway, get well soon bro! :)

Super Nia Hana said...

get well soon pocket.
meh hana bg gambar chicken soup

Fatin Mraz said...

take a good rest ya~
sini ada sup..sup daging lah tapi..


Pocket said...

kan, now i have the whole day for myself, but i cant even fix the damn lamp. ohh!!

dah gi jumpa dah,
dia suruh balik tido.
tak yah suruh pun sayer balik tido doktor ooooiiii..:D

umph, next time tak nak doa di'demam'kan dah.. adehlaaaaa..

dah bli dah tadi,
macam sedap kan 100+ ni masa dmam,
rase cam air nyior yang ada gas jer :D

itu lah,
tak mau dah!
tak mau dah!

gambar pun gambar lah,
pocket bayangkan jer la sambil hirup air garam huhuu

sup daging nak!!!

Syazwan Che Deraman said...

teruk demam kau tu bro.

tahniah la kepada pemenang.

orang demam mengidam sup ayam.kihkihkih.

Miss Purple said...

get well soon =)

dhiera said...

macam teruk sangat je pocket ni~ take care ya! get well soon~

congratz to the winner!!

Dhiya Fariza said...

Get well soon poket jgn lupa makan antibiotik!

zonaku said...

siannya....... meh sini srh mak masakkan......

tapi famili kami kurang suka sup ayam, prefer daging. order bubur ayam mcD pun ok.... last time i did that, x larat sgt masa dmm tu.

tq. it's not for winning the GA. more towards community awareness. nak x kita anjurkan kempen derma darah among blogger?

littledolphin said...

congratulations to the winner! tak pe pocket,even seorang je pun,it is a great achievement!one step at a time :)

hallucinating?what did you see? :0

sila lah cepat sembuh ya kawan.

jangan malas makan ubat!

ask your gf/wife to make chicken soup la :p

Cik Puan Muda Umi said...

itu la,mintak lagi deman,kan dh demam betul..ish3..jaga diri ok..kalau boleh,makan sup time2 deman ni,nanti cepat sembuh..:)

nGiau said...

saya pun selalu minta demam sebab saya jarang demam. apa2 pun,get well soon ;) take a good rest there ;)

Aemy Shamy said...

ohh poor u...u see, be careful of what u wish for! have a complete rest, eat those medicines..get well soon yeah..
congrats to the winners anyway :)

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

well i'm too scared of jarum.. lol

get well..haha as a stud, aku avoid demam sbb takut miss kelas

Hermin said...

sihat dah ke pocket??

echaRierie said...

nah2..len kali jgn mtk dmm ea..hihi..
apapun..get well soon..amin ~

tyra uyura said...

hohoho.. get well soon ya.. !

SimplySeoul said...

I will make you a chicken soup, but then again I have to eat it by myself juga haha. Ok not funny.

Get well soon pocket. Use koolfever. it works like magic (dari dokter xbertauliah).

-gedek! said...

demam, penghapus dosa kecil.....

Hanie Dew said...

alahai demam teruk la pulak. ko ni la wish tak berhati hati.nak demam dpt demam. len kali mintak demam badan panas je tanpa melibatkan simptom lain. wokeh.

hhhmmm...next GA tu derma darah lagi ke.