Tuesday, April 17, 2012

546. Apa kaitan!?

I havent been posting regularly
for the last few weeks. Am blaming
it on the new work. What can I say,
I'm not too well verse in the new job.
But like the saying say..
Alah bisa tegal biasa.

But a few changes are becoming obvious.
-i got frustrated easily,
-i can't focus, oh what is the relation?
-i got bored over things I use to enjoy.

Thinking back, I dont get it wit the 'kesan' of 'not blogging'.
 I mean what is the connection?

I mean I undestand about losing fokus or frustrated.
But getting bored??

The worst kesan was...
- I recently becoming sexually aroused easily by the simplest thing.
Adehla . Apa kaitan!!?
Kna start blogging blk lah lagu ni.

Tapi.. Apa kaitan!?


Anum said...

ye betul

Umie Artoqiemie said...

boleh bah kalo kau haha

Dhiya Fariza said...

er cemana nak respon kt entri ni eh.

Akue Achik said...

errr...sy under 18 lagi pocket.

Aishah Jahirah said...

so blogging la puas2....;p apa kaitan?huhuu

H.S Wijaya said...

sexually aroused easily sbb kurang blogging? o.o

PELIK. hahahaha


nGiau said...

huh? saya tida faham hehe

Aemy Shamy said...

maybe it's time for u to find someone to be ur wife...hehehe ;)
chill, buddy!

zonaku said...

get a wife if u do not have one already......

n keep blogging

cikpepel said...

bkn sebab blogging ni...sebab perlukan teman di sisi kot..hihi

Hanie Dew said...

errrr...pocket. mintak tukar job task segera. parah ni.