Thursday, April 19, 2012

547. Pukul!! Pukul!!!

Vandalisme is a spirit inside oneself that brings
pleasure in him/her when he/she is breaking up
operational facility to the extend of 'useless'ness
-definition from 'Pocket-ikutsukaatidia'

It is always a problem when we want to use
the public phone but there is none available.
The only one that was suppose to be 'OK'
was without the gagang. Ohh my..
(This is only for those who were born before 1985
okeh.. those that was born after..
they know handphone already :D)

so how to prevent this from happening?
well according to some established country,
instead of killing the problem...
pacify the problem by giving them what they need.

Free condom and Syringe
for drug addicts to prevent aids.

Cash to the homeless to prevent
people getting mug on the street.

A baby nursery center that will
accept babies from outside of the wedlock
just to prevent kes pembuangan bayi.
(Iyooo lah sangat tu, lagi mudah nak wat kemungkaran ada)

so pocketeers, what about vandalisme?
I say, work with the police department or the
shopping complex management to allow people
with vandalisme sickness to beat up any car that
is parking outside the allowable area.
They must get approval first of course,
the whole picture taking and documentation.

by doing this, the vandalist can always get their
'kemuncak-shahwat' by breaking people's toyota camry...
without the fear of being hunted after.

plus!! cars will be parked in its proper manner
right after the effective date :D
there will no longer be any announcement that says
'kepada pengguna kenderaan bernombor pendaftaran
KBQbla bla, sila alihkan kenderaan anda kerana ambulan
membawa cik adik terseliuh pinggang jatuh tangga tak buleh
nak lalu'

why? cause i will definitely fear my car's safety then after.
Tak makan nando's kat jusco pun tak per,
tak yah la double parking. tak padan!

what do u think? :D


Anum said...

menyusahkan org double park

H.S Wijaya said...

public phone sekarang masih ada ke?teringat pulak zaman sekolah rendah terkedek-kedek cari public phone nak bagitau mak ada aktiviti koku after sekolah. :D

Pacify the problem by giving them what they need? imho,kena tengok jugaklah apa benda tu.kalau nak bagi drug addict free syringe ,tu macam melampau lah pulak -.-

give cash to the homeless?i disagree!

a baby nursery center? yang ni perasaan berbelah bahagi.mungkin perlu .it may not help in reducing free sex but it can save the baby.and there are also lots of people who want to adopt these babies.

vandalise a car yang tak parking betul-betul?

let me think.

ok.i disagree.

it doesnt seem fair to let people vandalise the car just bcos the owner double park. o_0

princess said...

pocket !! lama xbaca your piece of heart . hehe

teruknye org yg parking kereta macam tu

HEMY said...

susah org camni..ajar pn tetap bodoh..hahahaha..kasar tak?

tp kadang kalau yg park tak lurus tu, aku sangka baik yg keta sblum dia dh wat dulu..dia terpaksa senget

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

d@mn i have being friend with bully n vanadlisme people..

haha rasanya pihak berkuasa kena ketatakn undang2 parkir kenderaan la.. so that orng msia ni pandai parkir pasni

Aemy Shamy said...

haha..i was once pissed off by a double parked i took a piece of paper & marker pen, wrote "hebat sangat kah mau double park?" & slipped it on the wiper..hehe...

Pocket said...

memang memang, dah la tu,
daah kita plak nak kena ati ati,
jangan terkena keter dia masa drive tru.

u've never got frustrated with cars yet i think :D lets see what do u think once u start driving to everywhere u need to go :D

pocket pung dah kurang post dah.. huhuu

yes, yang senget benget tu pocket maafkan, pasal sendiri pung kekadang terpaksa bila dah nak menyelit. nih yang menganggu lalu lintas nih yang dok geram nih!!

and by saying perketatkan..
would be by letting vandalist break their side mirror evertime they're double parking or obstructing traffic :D

yes, something like that would do. but for some those are not even near to be effective. adohlaaa...
tikam tayar diaaa!!!

littledolphin said...

i think people will be frustrated of my parking skills.and thats why im worried . :p

cos i think i might be one of the people whose car is going to be vandalised . LOL

Hanie Dew said...

rasanya kat oversea tu ade tak org baut double parking. menyumbang kesesakan lalu lintas kat parking floor ja.

vandalisme tu lagi satu. mmg hangin dulu kalau nak gune je, public fon depan blkg kiri kanan sume takleh guna.

sekrg tidak lagi dengan adanya henfon.

dhiera said...

suruh orang dtg angkut kereta tu~ menyusahkan org.. fikir senang dia je~

zonaku said...

Totally agree!

menyusahkan orang saja.