Tuesday, March 27, 2012

539. I Know What U Are Doing....

I think I know what U'r trying to do.
U are trying to bend our mind and let us think
like how U think.
yeah maybe people didnt realize it yet... but
I know and I'm going to tell on you, its like
when we're still at darjah dua, one guy is
doing something notty and another is
'tak tau! tu diaa.. bagi tau cikgu!!'

First of all U give us hot girls with obvious
cleavage and nice legs.. of course, its like a
synonym with girls with nice legs, they
usually have flawless skin and pointy nose.
of course we'll be 'kechik tapak tangan nyiru
kami tadahkan.'
Cant blame me, I'm just an ordinary guy
by putting those beautiful chics in outfit with
weigh less then 40grams (The material is less U see)
Girls in Malaysia also starting to wear like u showed
us to. Ohh the deceive.

Yeah yeah I know, U've also given us hot guys
also, with strong jaws and butt chin. but I'm
not gonna elaborate on guys right?
ok.. moving on the the next point :D

Then U've given us the lifestyle.
A lifestyle where guys coming into girls room
without even knocking. Where guys come into
his neighbor's house to eat and spendin time.
Remember that miniseries 'Friends'?
chandler was always my favorite.

but back then the 'SOX' thing was less
but now.. mak aih.
they just say it out loud just because they
have the '18SX parental guide needed' licence.
(I know u know 'How i met your mother')

Oh talking about lifestyle,
U've also showed us the misleading lifestyle
where girls are allowed to stay with three
guys and living the fantasy life of every
little kid in the world. Oh not only that
she's cute and hilarious, she also have a hot
friend 'Cece' waaaahhhh...
Its a fantasy every kid would love to have
when they've grown up.
(New Girl with zooey deschanel.. pergh comel dia tu)

..and U also thought us to accept gay in
our community like its not a sin.
Nowadays, gay and transgender is
just as normal as a broken traffic light in
Butterworth. (Glee with kurt hummel and Santana... )

Yes i'm 'open-minded' too...
I'm so open-minded that I got the chance to stayed
with girls house-mate for 3friggin years!!
413. ThatWasThen...
but I'd say that I'll be just as 'closed-up'
like my grandmother if it was not because of u.

Thanks to you TV, astro and the cahnnel 711,
the whole media if I can say.
if it was not because of U,
I may not know... how to kiss!! ('MAY' ok... bukan pasti lagi)
seriously pocketeers, if it was not because of the media,
do u think boys in malaysia be kissing girls on the lips?
(Eh! kitab karma sutra ada citer pasal camana nak kiss tak?)

Lets just say that we're still living like our
grandfather who still believe in bulan mengambang
and air pasang. No tv.. no crappy majalah 'mempelam'
Would we be as open as we are now?
boys will be shivering just by the touch of girls skin.
and not like nowadays....

So i'm going to tell on u,
u are the devil who tricked our mind.
who made us think the way we are now.
who are the one to be cut-off if we wanna solve
this problem of social issues.
U media!! u are the cause.

but then again, to whom should I tell U to?


nGiau said...

yeahh sangat setuju with this post! skg sangat2 open sdh.. sex mcm makanan sj skg..heiis

nGiau said...

yeahh sangat setuju with this post! skg sangat2 open sdh.. sex mcm makanan sj skg..heiis

Dee said...

agreed..dulu kalau lelaki pegang tangan pun dah nangis2 takut mengandung..hehehe..

Akue Achik said...

senang sgt nak cari 18sx skg ni..

the most known media to be blamed for damaging children`s mind is D*****.

seriously, jgn suru ank2 tgok kartun zmn skg. bhaya.

even kartun is bahaya. dasat.

Shafiq said...

All these things you said are true. They are all related to a phrase. Mind control.

Anonymous said...

ok terasa. -.-

tapi tapi...

i'm a good kid kan?

i mean i watch 'how i met your mother' and 'new girl' but i am still a good kid. ^^

i have gay and lez friends but that does not mean i am not against their action.of course i am against their action.i am just not against the person.you know what im trying to say judge the action, not the person.

but i do know some are just too openminded about this and accept it as though as it is not sinful.and i have to say is partially the fault of media and partially the person who thinks so themselves.

they know it's wrong,but they agree on such lifestyle such as gay and lez and having guy roommates.basically those inappropriate lifestyle.

but you can't blame the media all along.yes-media should bear some responsibility but for me it's also back to religion and parents guidance.

when i was 12,my mum actually forced me to watch 'teenage mother' while i potong kacang panjang in front of the tv .and meanwhile she babble about freesex and its consequences.

parents guidance doesnt only mean telling what is right and wrong,but also to make kids understand why.and that process of telling them why should be told earlier,bukannya nak tunggu umur 18 baru nak bagitau.the curiosity in kids start way before that.

but then i also know some parents are reluctant to talk about that topic.for example mine. haha

then maybe they could use other alternative like sex-related articles.like me,i am the one who mengedik-gedik baca all those educational articles.educational lah kan :p

and yes i got to know condom is not safe.it is the safest but it is UNSAFE.cos the vagina can still be in contact with the scrotum.so basically those without the knowledge are being deceived. ==' ah i pity those who practise free sex.mereka mati-mati percaya mereka dilindungi.

i actually heard some students in telling a tale about her experience with her bf to a group of friends in a kedai mamak.that is totally embarassing.dah la muslim -.-

and i say this is because they are not able to develop independent judgement of the content in the media.

for the cartoons with inappropriate content,ok that one you can fully blame the media.kids(bawah umur who are cartoon viewers) are kids.How are kids supposed to develop independent judgement about a media content? o.o Those who expect kids to buang yang keruh and ambil yang jernih are plain stupid.

-you know me-

p/s sorry komen panjang .it's just dah lama dah i wanna talk about this,but tak berani cos people see me as an innocent kid that knows nothing -.-

Anonymous said...

eh jap pembetulan utk ayat ke 12.

it also back to religion,parents guidance AND KNOWLEDGE! =)

-You know me-

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

hurmm.maybe enviraontment who teach us the way we think noww.but its hard to say dat.

Dhiya Fariza said...

Apa org kata, dunia dah 'maju' XD dhiya mcm baca dua entry. Satu pocket, satu lagi kt ruang komen. Apapun I agree to put the blame on the media as well. Terlalu keterbukaan.

HEMY said...

bak entri2 aku sll sebut la..dakyah yahudi dan orang kafir dah berjaya

nk jatuhkan islam kan kena jatuhkan akidah...skang dh berjaya dahhh

Liselle MonCherie said...

Sitcoms always have dirty jokes
During those days,children didn't know about grown up stuff,but now?
They are more expert about that than we do...eeergh disgusting!

Aemy Shamy said...

what i wanna say.....is already written perfectly above..
media could be both remedy and poison..but mostly poison..
and i think we can't blame anything, or anyone...it's just us, the audience, the listener..

zonaku said...

hmmm... thanx. agree w u n anul.


Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

i just hate media.. sometimes, blogger are damn awesome than media~

Mizz ErMa said...

itu la psal..kesian budak2 kecik yg suci murni nih..

dhiera said...

media ni banyak meracun minda masyarakat~

c'axoera ヅ said...

kekekekekeekek i did nothin .>_<

~SaL IjOu~ said...

media..yah, sekarang apa2 info senang sgt nak dpt..lagi2 yg bg pengaruh negatif~ (--")

Hanie Dew said...

kan. kalau nak fikir balik mmg patut media yang dipersalahkan. ni tak sebok nak salahkan didikan ibu bapa la (sometimes yes), penaruh rakan sebaya la and whatsoever.

dan media juga takkan ada yg ikhlas utk menyampaikan maklumat. kebanyakkanya dipesongkan untuk keuntungan masing masing.

jadi, rasanya siapa dalang di sebalik kemelut perang dunia segala?