Saturday, March 10, 2012

533. U are NoFun anymore..

Lately people are starting to hate me,
This I realized after noticing that
conversation stops right after my arrival.
Its either they're talking about me or...
they dont want me to 'pitch' in my 2cents.
They were talking about how to cook
ayam masak merah... how is that make it
talking about me?
so i'm considering my second assumption as real.
no one wants me to say anything in any of
their chit-chat...

And so i've confronted one of the sis and ask
her why? 'why is it that people stop talking when
I reached them?
her answer was.... after annoyed with me poking her
waist with a pencil that she's either in pain by it,
or she's simply segan from letting people hear her
giggling about it.
'you tend to be too realistic'
seems like I kept on giving 'realistic' comment
until the point of 'annoyance'.
Ohh teruk sangat ker?

'nanti kan, dah kawin nanti beli rumah... tak nak 
hebat hebat pun tak per.. just satu rumah yang
ada tiga bilik gitu dah la.. asalkan buleh duduk ngan
abang happy happy...'
'...alaa nanti korang dok gaduh pasal nakkan rumah 
yang besor jgak.. baik beli umah 2 tingkat terus'

'tak yah wat banyak banyak pun tak per, 
sekali aku buat pesanan, enam pasang kasut gitu, 
pas tu jual la ngan untung 30% dari harga asal.. 
sure orang beli punyer'
'... then orang dok nak bayar 24 kali... last last
duit yg orang dok bayar bulanan tu hang buat 
bayar bill, untung tak nampak nampak.'

'...aku sayang dia, bukan pasal duit, bukan pasal rupa,
tp memang aku sayang kan dia ikhlas dari hati...'
'... tunggu dia jadi gila pancing yang maleh nak duk 
rumah plus dah botak n burui, aku nak dengar lagi
kata kata cinta tu pas tu, and see whether your 
eyes are as dreamy as u are now'


I guess, there is nothing wrong about keeping
some of the fantasy in our life right? It keeps us going.
-life will be better,
-i can own that car,
-we're going to be happy,
-deep green drapes with golden outline,
(Eh apa kena mengena?)

but some people are betrayed by such hope too much
in their life that... being realistic just reduces the pain.
-backstabbed? get a knife, stab him back!
-putus cinta? luv was never  there to begin with anyway!!
it was always 'the attraction between different sexes from the beginning.'
-a few left hook punch from 'life'?
get your arms up and start jabbing.

dont u just hate those that think realistically...
they are no fun..... no?


Akue Achik said...

mcm ssh plak nak catch up n digest entri pocket yg ni..huuhu..

emm..fantasy mmg best, tp takkn kmana..why dont we just face the pain reality?

tp sma jga..i still like daydreaming. huh.

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

well dah lama kenal makin nampak perangai sebenar~ actually i kinda hate people who like to 'kutuk' orang lain.. apa yang fun ek?

Cha said...

Dear pocket,

once you arrived but then they are stop talking. maybe you can say

"haaaaa apa tiba2 senyap ni?kutuk pasai aku ka? pukui pungkoq ang karang!"

littledolphin said...

but being realistic is important.. :/

so less hope,and less pain.

but daydreaming too isn't is from where you get your motivation.

ok ok my point is go on and daydream,everything is possible! but put limits when you found yourself daydream about wanting to climb up mount everest when your body isn't even fit enough to climb up the broga hill *just an example*

to keep some fantasy in life helps us to be optimistic,but it's better to be hurt and realise the real situation now so you can fix it earlier. dont you think?

Liselle MonCherie said...

People always hate the ugly truth but rather living in pretty lies.
I think there's nothing wrong for being realistic rather than backstabbing,but sometimes the mind and the mouth worked over the limit,hehe.
It's better telling the truth :)

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

depa ckp blkang pasai nk jaga hati.. tpi itu satu pengkhianatan!

tidak boleh diakses! >_<

zonaku said...

being realistics reduces the pains....

that's the truth... UGLY truth!

Dhiya Fariza said...

agree with littledoplhin above.

Jue said...

#i hate those ppl when i went to them, they stop far yet to happen
#if it happen so, aku sepak terus..boleh?hahahaha kunun2 ganas la kan haha

SimplySeoul said...

Hi pocket, how are you.

women conversation revolves around escapism, fairy tales and sometimes even magic. Let them be. haha. You dont want to deal with hormones later.

Teenager Housemaid said...

i am realistic, but people always misunderstood me as being negative..

Hanie Dew said...

aku setuju dengan littledolphin.

dan orang yang cakap belakan gkita tu kira mengumpat. xpe ko free free je tarik pahala diorang. kahkah.