Friday, March 30, 2012

540. Fly Fishing


There is one method of fishing that is called 'FlyFishing'
This method is just another method, nothing special about it.
Its just like the variance of how u like your eggs, poached?
sunny side up? scrambled or suku masak? simply kukus ngan budu?

the definition is ... (Taken from Wikipedia of course) an angling method in which an artificial 'fly' is used to catch fish.
The fly is cast using a fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line.
Casting a nearly weightless fly or 'lure' requires casting techniques
significantly different from other forms of casting.
Fly fishermen use hand tied flies that resemble natural invertebrates
or other food organisms, or 'lures' to provoke the fish to strike.

...or what ever that was suppose to mean,
what interest me was they're not using real bait.
they're using 'lure' or what they call as ...
'...HandTiedFlies that resemble natural invertebrates...'
not to lie to u pocketeers,
but some of the flies are quite pretty :D

Lawa camana pun... still!! menipu la kan..
tipu ikan kater...
'haaa!! sila mai sila oooi mai besila, 
yang jauh mai dekat, 
yang dekat teruih sentap'
sedap kalu mai la lagi,
tak cukup nasi, ghoti kami bagi,
ajak abang, ajak adik,
lagi ghamai, lagi canteek,
bukan nak muhong bukan nak cerita,
niin dia mai, seddap punya dok ada!!'
(With a bit of 'Shaddah' at the 'D' in 'sedap')

I guess that is it about man,
they just cheat their way to get what they want,
to 'eat' what they want,
the be happy in what they're doing..
and if it was a tournament,
to win.

Ohh... Lied to anyone lately pocketeers?
I know i did... ohhhh


-gedek! said...


my middle name...!


Liselle MonCherie said...

Baits are always beautiful....
Human baits do the same XD

Anum said...

yes baits always cool

Akue Achik said...

lately ? being honest this week..hehe

littledolphin said...

beautiful lies are nice to hear .well until you know the painful truth. :p

okay now i know what flyfishing is.tambah ilmu baru! haha :D

this week,i am a good kid! :D

ok tipu.i lied to a friend and said i would come to 'mycollegename'idol last wednesday at 8 pm.but i didnt go.oh im so bad.

Titisan Hujan said...


Dee said...

lied? hmm..don't think so..not yet..muahaha..

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

lie to win? hmm

zonaku said...


Dhiya Fariza said...

hehehehehe suka buat mukadimah tersirat. hermm lied to anyone yes i guess, i guess lah haha but in terms of feeling. like "u ok?" i would answer yeah.

~SaL IjOu~ said...

yg kukus dgn budu tu..pergh~ ;p

ohh..ada minggu terpaksa..aduh..rasa teruk ni~ (--")

Hanie Dew said...

lied to anyone ? yes. for good i guess. tapi kalau tak nasibla. dah lepas. dah tesurat di suratan takdir.

oh pocket kalau nak komen entry ko ni mesti aku rasa mcm tepengaruh dengan gaya bahasa danpenyampain ko. ishk. hihi.