Thursday, August 26, 2010

308. Rahsia Summary

yesterday i've finished the story i had in my mind
for quite some time, wanted to tell the story
to someone but i dont think anyone would understand.
Its a japanese movie by the title Himitsu
it was then remake with david duchovny acted as
Ikmal the father in a movie called The Secret in 2007
The remake video trailer can be view here
its not the same but it can surely gives u ideas
bout the movie.

Story summary,
Maria and Ikmal is a married couple with a
20 years old beautiful daughter misia,
One fine day, Misia and maria got involved in
a nasty accident that killed Maria,
misia survived after a short coma.
they gave maria a proper burial,
just as ikmal and his daughter thought
they could go on with their life,
Maria woke up inside misia's body in the morning.
and start to whine about how bersepah the place is...
Maria then realizes that she is in Misia's body
(Sama cam freaky friday) and lived her daughters life
by going to school, but its not permanent.
Misia the daughter sometime woke up in her own body
and starts freaking out about her 'long' sleep.
Hence the diary to keep track of things.

after a while, the frequency of their changes shorten,
until one day, the mother told her husband that
this is her last night,
tomorrow on it'll be Misia waking up and not her.
She told him that 'she can feel it' yeah right.

Ikmal the father was devastated by this,
but he couldnt do much. Its misia's body anyway.
Maria the mother departed.
or at least that was what
ikmal the father thought had happened.

and so he live on with misia living in her own body
until the day misia tie the knot.

on the day of the wedding,
with one quick move,
the bride break it to him that...
it was maria the mother who were living
in misia's body all along. A speech of
'sorry i didnt mean to hurt u but this is the
only way we could have live on after what happened'
the father smiled though,
punched the groom in the face just to clear his senses.

for those who are in japan,
try to look for Himitsu.
i u can download the original movie with subtitle,
it would be better.

there u go pocketeers,
the summary, so tell me where did i do wrong
in my karangan? long and winding?
it was suppose to be long.
any details missing?
tell me..
so i can improve myself :D


Jard The Great said...

soo... misha with her father in the end?

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

aiseyhh... mmg amy tak paham from the beginning. now baca summary pun kena baca 2 kali nie. hahahaha...

HEMY said...

aku paham by the way of ur writing..cuma aku tak paham kenapa dia tumbuk pengantin laki tu?


aBoi said...

aboi faham dari beginning sampai la part last tu...
kenapa dia tumbuk groom?

lagi satu.. sebenarnya maria yang dalam body misia tu jadi kawin ke tak? confuse..confuse..

banji said...

hehe dah baca summary baru leh faham. benak pulak dua tiga hari ni :) thanks bro. nice write up.

Pocket said...

Misia got married with farid in the end.

eheheh, punya la pocket tak pandai menulis dah kan.. okeh!
akan diperbetulkan nanti:)

err, ada lelaki muda mencurik ati bini kita beb, biarpun ngan tubuh yg lain.. tak terasa cam nak taruk sebijik ker?


jadi kawin lah kalau duk menangkap gambo n farid dah sambut tangan tok imam masa akad nikah..

tak gitu?

no, its not u bro..
its me :D

that's what everybody else is thinkin too:)

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

ok..macam citer Lindsay Lohan & ....curtis tu berlakun pulak...

UglyPooh said...

thanks for the summary but the ending...:-( not so happy.

p/s : pocket i'm not in yur bloglist :-">

*SiRibenMerah said...

hahaha.. abg da macam awie dlm baik punya cilok.. suka bersastera..
pening ai baca u tau dak.. x faham!

Cik Qemm said...

now i understand.

somehow from the beginning qemmal duk teringat cite freaky friday tu la.

cerita pocket buat sume readers berpikir. good2. exercise bulan posa :)

|arieza| said...

ok baca summary terus faham hikhik~

Pocket said...

umph!! ada sikit juga itu macham :D

oh!! betul ker tak der!!
nanti pocket adakan:D

tp tak besh kan ending tu.
'dah tu, kiranya ko tipu laki ko lah selama ni ?'
gitu gitu..

suka bersastera?
tak la jgak..
cuma kekadang tu melalut
jgak sket heheh

memang ada kesamaan nyer,
yang mana tiru yang mana..
pocket tak tahu :D

tp idea tu mudah kan..
bila orang kater,
'ko tak paham idup aku!!'

ja apa kata ko lalui idup aku tengok..

tak aciii!!