Monday, August 23, 2010

305. Laa Terlupa la plak!!

i am suppose to post about the third story from my 'Rahsia' series,
but i cant, cause the story was in my 'other' computer and i cant
retrieve them in these hours. therefore to whom ever been following
it, i am sorry, it'll be continued in my next post ... Maybe.

From the comment of pocketeers, i found that
most of u guys dont understand this that much, i think
its totally my fault cause i am too attached to this story,
writing it like the readers knows the story... when u are not.

so as short as this post could be,
post again tomorrow ya pocketeers,
(Bila nak sampai 'Rahsia 17' kalau duk jadi gini nih.. hoh!)


Anonymous said...

sambung la cepatt! tk best wat cite gantung cmni..he

UglyPooh said...

17 episodes? compile it n be a novel la:-)

mier@merr said...

omaigod.... byk gile episod...nak lawan citer indon ke hape?

Cik Qemm said...

pocket tulis kasi kitorg fhm tau :)