Wednesday, August 25, 2010

307. Rahsia Fin

The ceremony went on fabulously,
Being the daughter of a CEO for the only instant mee
company in this country must keep the standard.
people were filling up the hall as well as the tent.

Half of them were obligated to come due to
business relation, another quarter just wanted free lunch
and the last quarter were from those who knows the
bride n groom by heart and sincerely came to congrats
the couple.
all were clad in their finest attire.
having the feast happily chatting about how beautiful
misia look on her grand day.
lots of happy faces, smile and laughter decorating the hall.

...but no one could see Ikmal the bride's father,
the tuan rumah..
Pengantin was all happy and smiling, taking pictures
with the guess or by themself, throwing arm onto each
other like as if they're going to make out there..
while the father was all alone in his room,
Tears flowing from his eyes like pouring rain.
His dearly beloved just got married.

It was just for an instance, he knows it all,
everything came back into his mind like an oversize
download that usually took 4 hours to finish a movie,
but this one finished in 26 seconds.
Memories came back to him like those moment when
u smile upon sniffing the sweet smell of grass after the rain.
faces and scenery come flashing in his minds.

The moment when farid shook the imam's hand,
'aku terima nikahnya Misia binti ikmal dengan ...'
it was then when ikmal realized the bride was in tears.
There and then he could see her again, it was her.
She was the one who cried.
Ikmal knows her crying pattern,
The thumb to the cheek like trying to shed more tears
by pressing the tear container. It was her!!
she never left!!

Ikmal's assumption was right,
and the note from the bride tells it all.

Thank you and sorry,
I hope we can still be 'daughter' and father.
Jangan pukul farid.
dia tak salah.
I still love u
and i hope the same from you too.


...somehow tak tau beza
antara 'COME' ngan 'CAME'
berkecamuk dah usage nyer.. hoh


LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

berdebar2 baca sampai ke penghujungnya~

I wonder why~

UglyPooh said...

haih...please do a summary pocket. I request

UglyPooh said...

oh..ok pocket. I think I understand by reading it from the last episode to the beginning.
They share the same body, maybe their mind only. Actually misia's mother had passed away. is it?

but how come they become like this? trauma? koma? why...why..why..???

aBoi said...

confused ~

HEMY said...

naissss~~~~ what else could I say?

Dee said...

smpi skrg confused..hahaha..