Saturday, July 23, 2005


hehe,Dey pocket:P
don’t u just luv those pocket pinggang, I mean those little bags that u hang to your belt .. not the kind that have its own belt(in other words, pouch).
At first I thought that thing will never hang around me, why ?because I don’t think that thing does anything to you, its not like you don’t have any pocket any more right .. handphone? Inside the pocket la, but then again .. after browsing the shopping mall for a few times, me too got the demam for that pocket pinggang. Bought my self two already..heheh.. already browsing for the third one.
Which makes me think. When u were still a child pocket.. da mama never let u eat the second telur goreng right .. or the second ayam goreng .. why ? because there’s not much to go for everyone else .. but until now even .. I am still having that rules inside me saying that whenever u eat out .. never have two ayam during nasi lauk .. or two telur goreng .. or even two pieces of palm size daging kurma.. huhuhu.. why? Its not like there’s not much for all the family to have or anything? U pay for the ayam laa.. have two .. u just have to pay more .. hehehe..
Well that’s the beauty of it all.. heheh.. da mama restricted u to that rules so that u’ll be better with u’re life.. one piece of ayam goreng is enough to serve the purpose of making your nasi lauk more delicious.. so u wont be needing the second one right.. heheh silly me:P
Come back to the pocket pinggang, why do I need the third one then?hummmmmm… tell me pocket. Dunno da answer already.. heheh
Anyway .. to all dos pipo who gi main bowling.. heheh.. baper dpt score? Dah power ker belum.. blk my kang kita lwn...huhuhu

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Anonymous said...

mata kau tsumori na no?shinjiraren!
hummm...dpt trukla heikin:(
kondo koso,yarou ne!