Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Today i wanna introduce to you someone that have been the pain in the neck to me for quite a time now. yeah .. he's the guy in da photo, why is it that he is da pain in da neck? well .. lately he have been eating like nobody care.. n gotten fat.. which is terrible la kan .. so i need to do something la bout this guy.. need to force him to wake up early in da mornin.. n do some jogging ker .. or .. skipping ker.. or .. simply do not have any carb after 8 o'clock.. huhu
Eh pocket.. sory lah .. but today .. i'm not telling u any story nor any lies..hahah .. cause i got to do something la afterthis.. anyway.. jinsei tte subarashiii..

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Anonymous said...

more updates..plisssss(^e^)