Friday, July 15, 2005


Today I’ve got a chance to talk to dis hot chics, well a friend o mine, name axi, of course da name is not axi. Something like axi laa.. so she have this wonderful bf, going to get engage in a month or two. But still she’s having a crush on somebody else. The guy she’s having crush on is also a friend.. a happy go lucky kinda guy who do sport, nice looking specky.
So axi asked me what to do , seems like her bf is da best but this guy is also ‘always on my mind’. ‘Why?’ I asked. ‘mamat ni macam amik berat sangat apo kita wat n apo kita rasa .. kalau cam terlanggar samting tu .. dia tanya .. “sakit ker, Ok ker tu” tak macam bakal tunang tu. Kalau ngaduh sakit sket .. “allaaaa.. tu pun nak sakit.. cam bdak bdak!” dan mamat ni cam hensem lg .. n ofcourse not to forget.. dekat ngan I tak cam da bakal tunang tu jauuuuh sangat .. (Alor Setar)’. So pocket, i told her to be true to your heart. ‘Which one is da best?’ And the answer is .. ‘da tunang la’ ‘and what about dis specky?’ ‘ tu yg susah tuuuuuu’ making her cute muncung.. heheHeheh.. so my advice to her is .. ‘layan jer la , jangan sampai sndiri sangkut dah la, kang tak leh nak lupa lak de new one.. and on the same time have to get marry to da tunang one’. Sorry la pocket .. but I don’t think that the nasihat is a good one .. I mean .. she suppose to stick with the one la kan .. n sceptically thinking.. what if the same advice was given to my girl.. how would she handle it .. hummm.. how would I handle it if I found out .. huh!! Don’t know la pocket..
Hopefully not lah pocket.. hopefully not..(^^;

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