Monday, July 11, 2005


right now i am listening to that same old song.. broken - Seether feat. Amy Lee. dunno why .. but i like that songs.. why haaa.. ? maybe its just chemistry kut, this is my second day writin to you pocket. hehe.. sorry but still donno how to paste any pic.. still dunno how to make those cool background .. maa.. korekara kanaaa..
So .. what have you've been doing pocket? me ? today i've tried to talk to the japanese teacher from that cambridge language centre, i thought she was a japanese .. but she wasnt.. her name is 'Tin' . listening to her japanese language is like listening to a japanese girl talking to you .. its like perfect .. sasuga sensei .. what about u pocket? me? i can only ask how to go to the toilet only, till now i still dont think i can converse in japanese that well , simple yes no alright .. hahahaha
Any how ..back to my first problem, how do you paste a photo into this blog.. and how do you change all those colours.. realy need to know.. anybody out there .. please help me..

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