Sunday, July 10, 2005


okeh .. this is my second time doing this.. hopefully this goes well .. i dont think i'll ever have any time to do this thing anyway.. wit the keja .. n all the girls (heheh) n all the other thing i would like to do .. (like gardening.. pathetic is'nt it? lets face it .. i'm an occhang already) hahahahah but still i wanna do this .. why?cause all my frenz already have their own .. n need to compliment them here that their's blog like soooooo damn cute and macho and everything .. hehe.. u just got to have your own when u exposed to that kinda exposure..
But then again .. why is it that u got to have everything that everybody elses havin? u are u sir pocket!! if u wanna have all the thing that others have .. why dont u have their life then .. change your name or something .
Well I would actually .. but i dont think u're alowed to do that .. hehehe.. its not like you wanna have some other life or something .. but u wanna have what everybodys havin .. it like u're going to the kenduri .. everybody is eating nasi wit da ayam ..but u're the only one havin the kurma telur rebus only.. hahahaha.. life have to change.. call the mentara and ask for the ayam ..
anyway .. this is my first time writin in this .. so dont wanna be demented as i should be .. hehe.. anyway .. hello to all the people out there..!! this is da poket .. already havin my own little blog. yoroshiku !!!

Dis is da pocket writing on 22/1/08
Am putting a photo on me blog as a background. so will be putting the photo ere instead of in some other free photo hosting web site...

hows the blog look like pocket?

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Fatin Mraz said... ya!

the blog to me is very nice!