Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Yeay!! Today I've finished my QA Meeting, the one and only thing that most people hate in the month.. its simply where u present your section achievement. Nothing much actually but the heat goes up when the Grand Manager (Mr.Nagamine) opens up his mouth and starting to ask something. If u can answer them it alright la kan .. but the problem is when u yourself don't actually sure bout the answer. Hooooo!!! Paniiiiccc.. Pocket! What section are u in haa? Well I'm in the Customer Related section. The only section in QA where u can go out to places, eat nice thing and ofcourse not to forget .. try to get the stewardess number. But then again its not all cream and sugar with strawberry on top. When u go to customer¡'s factory (usually due to some Quality Issue) they wont be treating u as a visitor.. but as a villain who just cause them their job efficiency. Its like this...I assure the Quality of my product.. but when there still NG product flow out to customer factory. This will cause their job to be more complicated (lantak ko la kan).. so when you were there to discuss on the matter at hand. They¡'ll be in not a good mood. There are some cases where I was scolded..'U have already told me all this shit.. but still the handling problem flow out to us!!!' something like that la .. So the QA Meeting is a place where all the section inside the QA Dept. present their work for the whole month.. huuuuu.. takuuuuttttt.. (I¡'m not that good in public speaking) anyhow.. today the Nagamine ask me something and I've answered intelligently.. hehehe.. just wanna tell u that pocket.. cause nobody would understand it even if I told them..hehehe.. :P
Anyway .. this is a photo of me when I was somewhere out there.. I luv those guys and not to forget those girls. Really hoping that the time will come again to me.. like a rewind .. and I just awake in the morning in my former room .. in that little room .. where only one person can sleep in it. I'll past u the pic of my room nenanti yek pocket.. really wanna u to see it .. wake up .. and goes to the living room to watch the tamori.. talking to the Bourne.. the lado and the Benn.. not to forget the Ayie. and of course cycle up to get to dat little thing who can really smile:Pheheh.. miss ya! Dey .. enough la for today pocket.. ngantut la plak=)

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