Wednesday, October 31, 2012

585. Laa.. 'Cuti' Lagi?

I wanted to post something else,
but instead of Copy and Pasting
what i've pre-wrote earlier, I chose
to let my fat fingers menggedik again.
Its a good exercise anyway..
hopefully I'll lose some weight.

I was blogwalking and I saw a few
bloggers was writing about how they
dont have anything to do and that
they're feeling so bored right now.
ended up they're letting time goes by
without nothing done instead.
Hey hey. i cant blame u...
I'd rather sleep my 'CUTI' days off
from dusk to dawn too.

Its just that if the 'CUTI' was for a day or two,
that is understandable, but if its for the whole 1 month,
why not do something meaningful? Productive or 'Masyuk'
Like buy yourself some power tools and start learning
to become a carpenter? yes stupid as it may sound...
but try to ask a few guys out there to 'nail' u a rack for
your pasu bunga... i dare to say 30% of them cant.
would be helpful if u know how, no?
Pisang goreng would be nice...
Nasik lemak in the morning pays nicely too.

I once went to a country where azan is only heard through
MP3 players inside our handphone's alarms. This friend
of mine went on and pick up those TV or old speaker sets
people throw away and fixed them during his free time.
He went on and sell them in AUCTION and earned a few
lunch and even paid his rent with it. COOL NO?

I myself did learned from him and started to joined
fan club for some cute girls who cant sing hoping fans
would still luv them tru their cuteness. By joining the fanclub,
I got access to the best seats in concerts and able to buy
them way before common people can. Selling those tickets
to a die hard fans is like extortion!!
the price would go nearly double!!
the thing ended badly, but that is another story...
i got cash alright... that is the bottom line.

My point is, we are given 530 000 hours to live,
we've used 10% believing ultraman exist,
another 20% thinking that Hang Jebat yang jahat.
lets use the rest in the best way we can ok :D
If its not for the cash, atleast for the knowledge,
but having some cash in the bank does makes the different.
atleast it'll be 11 days of nasik goreng for dinner
 rather then 11 days of nasik puteh
(Gas abih 19hb daaaaaa)

hey hey!! besok gaji, jom 
beli mesin potong rumput!
kot dapat kontrek padang 
skolah dipagi sabtu,
masyuk gak tuu :D


Anum said...

good story

Bitt (double IS) said...

nowadays many people have camera or digital gadget can pass thru the internet! come n make money! selling application, selling pic, selling, story and selling own face at youtube! ngeeeeeeee hope it help! akekekkee

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

If you ask me what I'm going to do with my free about reading for the blind?

But then again...kat mana lah nak buat when kat Malaysia nieh org buta bersepah sini sana. Mereka bukan perlukan pencerita, just teman nak menjual tisu semata.

Running out of creative ideas. That's why most people just don't know what to di in the past time :)

filanastasia said...

sleep sleep sleep.. coz when u working for 6 days a week.. 14 hours a day.. even long holiday like a week, u will want to cover it up..

Khairul Hakimin B. Muhammad said...

mesin kat umah saya jela.

rm30 keliling umah. asik2 bagi bangla je ;)

Jna marcello said...

TIDUR yg aman..hehehe
sbb na da bape lama xdpt tidue yg lebih lain tidur 5-6 jan tu da cukop kan...? tp utk na tak langsung heheh *nampak x kemalasan kat ctu..

yeayy gaju da masuk!!!
boleh shopping jom!

littledolphin said...

yeah instead of just sleeping all day for the holiday,it will be nice to do something else.i guess thats why i finally force myself to face the oven and make something edible out of it.

usually its the PMR or SPM kids who have this long long cuti and have no idea what to do.

p/s just for the record,i dont think hang jebat is jahat .haha!

p/p/s im thinking of working.but im still NOT CONFIDENT about my parking skills. T_T

zonaku said...

if pikul mesin rumput x nmpk awkward on a girl, i would really take it up as my free time hobby with payment!

Gillette Flores said...

Belanja makan pelissss....
Nak kurus, jom ikut Gill join kelas Capoeira.

Well, live life to the fullest!!
Life is short, make it sweet :)

Aemy Nadira said...

"we are given 530 000 hours to live,
we've used 10% believing ultraman exist,
another 20% thinking that Hang Jebat yang jahat.
lets use the rest in the best way we can." hahaha i love that!
well i got snapped by this entry somehow. :p my mid-sem break is almost over & i wasn't really productive during this break. i supposed to finish all my tasks, but....huhu i've wasted so much times.... :(

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

hahaaa . saya la tu yg pocket maksudkan -_-

bosan gitew . hm tpi babah tak bgi . how can i ?

Len Inouie said...

Ppl ask 'tak bosan ke?'
Duhh....sleeping is not boring.