Wednesday, October 24, 2012

582. Muddy Road to Beauty

My father opened up a school,
it was a school for the gifted,
more or less like what xavier did in X-Man,
a school for the outcast, unique u might say.
it was only with less budget.

...or that is how he would describe it,
me on the other hand, would describe it as a school
for the less fortunate in 3 of the major Exams
teenager had to sit back then when Richard Marx was
still a hit. The SRP, SPM and STPM. Yes people,
our exams back then were 'Re-Seat'able.

As a school, students come from all over the state,
and therefore a small Asrama was prepared for somewhat
30 to 40 young and vibrant girls.
I was happy of course, I can gesek gesek inbetween
the kakak kakak when they came to our house to watch
muzik muzik without the fear of getting caught. (I was 9!!)
One of them did tried to get naughty with me..
but that is another story :D

One of the problem in having Beautiful and seksi
'Kakak-Asrama' was that it was like keeping a bunch of hens...
the wolf is always out there keeping their eyes on the delicacies
 just in case windows of chances opened.

Some of them did went the whole shabang,
In the darkness of the night, with a dimmed torchlight,
they crawled their way underneath the dawai rawat,
across the stenched and soft mud behind our house.
lie on their back underneath the place where the
plates is left to dry...
hoping that they could see one of the 'Kakak-asrama'
washing and putting the plate onto the para-para in their
free hair and sexy mode. (Basically mengendap lah)
But of course most of them is free hair and sexy,
they're in their 'Coop' no? what is there to fear?

I did went and look at the location where they lie.
bwelkhh!! it was revolting.
1) the wall was full of dark green molds
2) the 'Floor' was holding water and mud
(Its the laluan kumbahan.. what do u expect?)
3) the dawai rawat was still intact meaning that
they're most probably be crawling on their chest
down on the mud. wow!!

I pity them,
I salute them,
They went the whole nine yards just to be able to
catch a glimpse of their freehair,
seeing them 'bra-less' would be a bonus,
naked would be a dream that will never come tru.
(Sapa nak naked dalam asrama ngan kengkawan!!?)

chenggini lah kot no?

Keeping up with the Mosquito without
the freedom of slapping them every now and then
(Yer la, kang dengar lah kan) hoping to see her
in her Camy maybe, or a sleeveless.
I guess the pain...  was well worth it.

and always keep on the watch hoping that no one would
catch them doing such honorable thing. With heart thumping,
listening to the girls voice all sweet and nice..
Hoping that they could hear something personal,
Like how they like their 'men' to be,
or how they like to get down...
anything.. everything.. something...

So there u go sis,
U venusian are such a beautiful creation that we risk
our health and geli from the molds and mud...
even kekotoran mutlak najis muqholadzhoh (Betul ker heja ni)
just to see u smile. Its like the very sight of your skin revealed
when u'r adjusting the knot from your kain batik would
expose some kind of vitamins keeping us alive.
Just to hear u humm your favorite song when u'r washing your plates...
The sound would seems like an oversize cottonbud tingling our ears.
we know we'll never be able to 'own' u as siapalah kami,
sang pipet bermimpikan enggang. But we kept on dreaming
and falling head over heels, risking everything just to 'SEE' u.
I'd say those Peeping Tom wont get that much action
every night, but for the sake of love and affections,
they did it anyway... and for that i hope u girls would
understand. Or appreciate us maybe.

so.. if ever anyone goes on mengendap..
Feel proud and pity him,  as he puts his health and
safety in danger just to see u. Drawn to u even if he
have to go tru revolting mud.
Pricking 'Dawai Rawat'...
and slithering creature
just to put his thumping heart at calm again,
as he is nothing... but mesmerized by your beauty.


Anum said...


Hanie Dew said...

omg. citer pocket bole buat orang tukar persepsi kat pengendap.

somehow it was true to have to pity them but it was not a nice deed. =)

littledolphin said...

This is freaking creepy .like seriously super duper CREEPY.

nowadays the 'wolves' dont have to do that anymore,can just watch the girls who already willingly wear revealing baju at the malls what? :p or maybe watch porn HAHA

ok JK. im not suggesting those just simply comparing the past and present. dont get me wrong,dont get me wrong!


SimplySeoul said...

people always said, there will always be the other side of story...well this is a good version of the other side's story.

Mak Wardah said...

Salam kenal....sometimes akak pity them.....

Pokok Manggis Depan Rumah said...

nice.. :-)

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

sanggup mengendap smpai cam tu skali ?

pegi layan porn la dri ngendap bahayakan diri . huahuahua .

Liselle MonCherie said...

Whoa it's like appreciating beauty but in a very VAIN way. lol

HEMY said...

pengendap juga makhluk ciptaan allah...insan biasa...hahahahahha

Gillette Flores said...

Hehehe... Tapi kan...
Tak baik tau mengendap orang walaupun nampak mcm berorban jiwa raga sanggup menempuh lumpur, dawai apa semua tu.

U can play music very well, dont you?

Pocket said...

Pergh!! :D

not a nice deed indeed,
its just another way of looking at it :D

kenapa kenapa?
ada orang ngendap u jgak ker?

random girls showing skin just wont do sis :D it must be u...
it gotta be u...

yes yes,
the glass is half full :D

kesian kat diorang,
obsessive :D

nice :D

like i said to ShaheerahHana,
Its simply wont do if its not you:D
hence the whole mengendap thing^^

but the victim will never felt appreciated, more to 'violated'

insan yang lemah,
hanya mampu berserah,
dengan dugaan saitan >:D

memang tak baik,
benda yang disorok,
diusahakan jgak nak tengok.

music? i can pluck a few tunes.
nuttin serious :D

littledolphin said...

"random girls showing skin just wont do sis :D it must be u...
it gotta be u..."

the same thing someone said to me before . and i think i can understand that,it will never be the same with total strangers who you never met/talk to kan? :p

but still creepy.okbai. haha!

Syazwan Che Deraman said...


aku tengah imagine ni.
usaha murni tu.

man said...

Org mengendap itu biasa..nak th crt..hehe.sila lah dtg ke blog sy..

Dee said...

erkk...tetiba tak tau nak komen apa..

salam aidiladha ye pocket..

Jna marcello said...

mcm susah je nk imagine ni hiks ;)