Monday, April 23, 2012

549. Mail Notification

there is this function in this blogspot that
allows u to know who commented tru your mail.

somebody commented in your post
and ting!! 'u got mail' notification arrives.

Oh why do we need such function?
well if u are the kind of people who cares
so much about others who commented.
Well u'll definitely be needing this.
post something in the subuh, by 10am,
u'll be gatal all over, sweating the cold water,
cheek twitching and kenyang over your own kuku.
just cant stand it to know how many comment came in,
did he commented?
did she commented?
She got offended by your post?
He got what u mean by your question...
'can i know your real name? your nick sounds funny'
well the usual blogger's fever.
(Anyway, u can call me 'abang' >:D i dont mind. heheh)

Or if u are the kind of people who let your
earlier post alive like those who gives
tips or nasihat. Then your 'three-years-ago'
post will still be alive cause people will
keep on 'googling' the word..
-how to get over him.
-how to get chewing gum off your hair,
-how to get that worthless bumm of your hair.

anyway.. how to do it?
well since i'm using the new dashboard,
then it'll look something like this,

settings -> mobile and email
(Minus the green background of course,
that was 'PRINTSCREEN' inverted using 'PAINT')

just put in any email in there,
separated with a 'coma' for multi-email add.
And u'r good to go!!
Did this with my office mail and it worked fine.

ohh.. yes, that is my mail add by the way :D

anyway.. what i really wanted to tell was that
on friday I got more then ten comment notifications,
it was the from the same person. she read my post
and commented in each and every one of them. Thank you!!
suddenly it overwhelmed me and i feel nice by it.
somebody is spending her precious time to read
more then 10 of your post!!
u gotta feel something right?

and I got to admit, some of those post are quite
long and mengarut. Yet she managed to read them
and comment like she read every little word I've let
standing in its own sequence creating what I thought
to be a meaningful karangan.
ohh terimakaseh.

To that sis whom i know she'll be reading this,
Thank you. Your blog rawks too and I will keep on
going to your blog more and more.

and of course, thanks to others too.
even with my absence, u still keep on coming.
hope i get along with this new job fine and manage
to blog again like i use to.

Cinta oh cinta, 
dimana kamu cinta?
Cinta berlari dikejar masa,
Masa ohh masa, 
berenti jap buleh?
buleh! buleh!! hai kaseh, 
sunggoh ku buleh,
buleh blah!!


Anum said...

all the best for u

nGiau said...

abang..hehe. (joking!) anyway,thanks for sharing it. thinking to use it or not right now hehe

Hanie Dew said...

kekekekeke..aku buat comment notification masuk email. =p

dan bila sume komen masuk tanpa sempat nak bw "aarrgghh...panjangnya list !". mula la susah hati kalau tak sempat reply komen orang lagi.huhu.

uu'uh..sape tu pocket."meaningful karangan?" haha .. (O. o)

littledolphin said...

eh? so selama ni saya dapat notification tu dlm email cos saya set mcm tu ke? :O

persoalannya ialah bila masa saya set gitu? o_0 dalam keadaan separa sedar kot. :/

nak tahu siapa! pleaseee.nak terjah blog dia jugak! *mata bersinar2 sperti dolphin comel*

zonaku said...

yup, i use that, coz i do not want to miss any comments on my former posts...

as if i had that many fan.. hahahahahaha........ abang? yup! u r much older than me....

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

owh! via mobile! well i kinda not into mobile things recently.. mayb coz i'm still an old school phone user..hahaha bloggin only infront of computer..when it comes to phone, only for calling..ehe

Akue Achik said...

ur thoughts are mattered!

that`s why ppl keep on looking on it.. :)

Cik FaRiZaM said...

all the best to u

singgah n follow


Dhiya Fariza said...

hah baru tahu! kejap lagi nak buat. so that tak perlulah nak menjengah selalu blogspot sendiri. thanks ABANG pocket heheheh. aww u're lucky to have such a reader :)

Hanie Dew said...

tau dah emel pocket. pasni byk la dpt emel dari aweks eh amoi. eh.

dhiera said...

tanda ada reader yg suka dengan post pocket. btw, pocket dapat kerja baru ke? tahniah!!!

Aemy Shamy said...

ohh! is it me? hahahah :p jk!
it works the same way as the comment moderation right..? talk about email, it reminds me of a big the kind of person who ignores email, u know..unless when someone informs me that he/she is going to send me email.. :p
bcoz of my "nice" attitude of ignoring emails, i forgot to pay my domain..& it's expired 2 days ago. but i paid it & i got my domain back..hehehe...
ok this is so out of topic huh :p

thx for the tips anyway! ^^

lisa said...

nasib baik lisa x buat supaya notifi tu masuk email.
tak suka tgk email banyak sgt inboxnye :)

najwa aminah abas said...

u lost me with all that gadget system talk. but yeah. thats how lazy of a thinker i am.

but ey, congrats. i notice u`ve been frequently updating. kudos. i need one of those whatever pills u had to be that rajin. :)