Tuesday, March 01, 2011

339. MalamYangPanas...

...Eh!! hari ni hari aper?

...tte tak der kena mengena langsung tajuk nih,
yes.. pocket dah lama tak apdet,
sorry.. my alasan would only be :
1) i was in a state of a near melt down.
got so much to do that i nearly forgotten to eat.
and for the pocket who's weight is in three digit
to forget a meal was a serious case.
i need to set my priorities right.

2) i moved again!! this time i moved to a house
that i dont have to climb the stairs first before
reaching my front door. The rent is high.. yes i know.
but now i dont have to buy chillis anymore..
i can grow em.
how do u grow beras yer?

3) i was... sick. Mentally sick. adehlaaaa...
i tried to type a few stories..
all end up with foul language and the worst description
of brutality. There was no humour, there was no 'sunshine'
the story was 'dark'. and i figured who would wanna read
dark dark story?
so i decided not to post it.

so there it was pocketeers,
my reason for leaving this blog unattended for a month.
this is my first post coming out of my dark room.
i hope tomorrow is sunny.

how are u anyway pocketeers? sihat?


una berry said...

ala, xdpt bace ur dark side of the story.ahah

hopefully u're fine.

*SiRibenMerah said...

be cool..
I da berhijrah..

take care bro :)