Sunday, March 20, 2011

343. My Killing Fantasy..

Do u dream pocketeers?
yes i think u do, but do u do it in daylight?
while your eyes is still open, sitting on your chair, thinking..
how beautiful that handphone looks,
imagining her expression if u buy the phone for her,
work out an image of her, being excited harassing the
phone all over, looking at it so close that u'd think she's
trying to find any defect on the screen.
Ever do that pocketeers?

in other expression, it is called as fantasize.
Fantasizing me buying the phone for u,
fantasizing u being happy about it.
fantasizing u kissed me on the cheek out of happiness.
The same old stuff a kid would fantasize being an ultraman
saving people from danger.

The problem is, lately my fantasy is being hijacked.
I have'nt found the perpetraitor yet, but i know there
is something else inside my mind now.

lets give u an example so that u'd understand more.

it was night, i was alone.. looking out from my window,
i saw her coming back from work. She was alone and i
felt pity of her, trying to open the lock with one hand
while the other hand still holding the bihun sup.
Put down the bihun sup first silly.

oh i wish that i am an animagus, a sorcerer that could turn
into animal, i'd choose spider this time, after i've transformed,
i would crept my way to her.. walking slowly with my too
many legs, swinging from a branch onto her house with
my spider web of course, as i slowly entering her room,
i heard the shower was raining hot water.
oh oh she is taking her bath..
my chance to have a sneak peak :D.

thank god i am not a tarantula,
i'm just the itsy bitsy spider that legs
were smaller then a needle.
but reliable enough to bring this
hungry soul to her audience.

as i was entering the gap underneath the door,
i saw her ankle and clean white skin, i was standing up
as i wanted to look above when a splash of water come
rushing me like some tsunami and swept me off my
unreliable legs.

'Labah!! Labah!!' was the scream that accompany me through
my struggle from the tsunami, i saw where would i end,
the hole to enter the sewer. ohh!!
Her scream is not helping,
yes she is beautiful and naked but some one
is struggling for help here!!.. a little hand please?
and clank!! the sound of a metal lid covering the
entrance of the hole, now i'm trapped.

She proceed on with her bath,
which i couldnt see much cause
i'm now in the bottom of the longkang.

There u go pocketeers,
my dream, my fantasy.
i'm suppose to be dead but since it was all a fantasy
i'm having by myself, i'm still safe and sound in my own room,
looking out the window, trying to make out what is it that she's
doing after entering her house.

tell me pocketeers,
what kind of a fantasy that kills the hero in the end?
i'm the hero wasnt i? i should get the chicks!! but
instead.. i'm getting killed in my own fantasy.
Just how stupid was that?

oh.. when will this dream killer be gone.


una berry said...

amagah!!! ur fantasy is so wild-lah
I could never fantasize of being a spider, like ever!!

perv-la u, LOL

Pocket said...

tu lah tu lah..
yg heran nyer..
kenapa lash lash mati?
tak leh ker fantasy idup jer sampai abih...

Perv? everybody is perv in their own way :D
remember badan ketak ketak abang Rock kiter? ^^

una berry said...

yelah u got the point

but nway,i think u write ur own fantasy, tapi still last2 mati.kenapa u x fantasize u tetibe ada extra life ke apa.hehe