Saturday, March 12, 2011

342.So... Are U?

once i've read somewhere,
someone wrote an 80 words karangan that

the bottom line was to say...'if u're married, tell earlier!!'
i got interested in the whole idea,
because i was thinking ...
how do u 'tell earlier'?

'hai.. my name is Nafishah.. i'm married'

...always comes out awkward in my ear.
and i've always thought...
what would the opponent would think being said so?
i wouldnt know, never flirt with someone's wife
soo obvious till she have to tell her status to avoid me.

today i was keeping my hand dancing on the keyboards
typing the report about yesterdays case. A light bulb fell
on someone's head and his face got scratched. oh pity him...

A young lady approached me with her eyes kept straight
on me starting from the point she stepped into our cage until
she came so near to me that i can smell the nice scent of
her perfume.
She have those mature look,
like that lady they call ziva from EnSiAiEs, tall and slender
with shirt so firmly ironed, u'd think she uses her lunch
break to re-ironed her shirt.

'So pocket, todays audit is yours. our title for today is...'
and she goes on and on about the internal audit that
i was suppose to do. i dont want to...
i'm busy enough minding my own issue,
finding somebody elses issue would be the
least of thing in my mind.

cutting the story short, we went for the audit, me and her,
we talked along the way, get to know each other..
the usual stuff, that guy is bossy, that lady is tak besh..
(more commonly known as mengumpat)

in the end i had to ask for her name,
'...the name is Nafishah...'
gesturing her left chest showing the name tag.
'...i'm married to Farid' ..ended her introduction.
'...' and there was an awkward moment.
both of us walked in silence, and we end our audit with
the formal...
'ok, so i'll see u around'

then it come to me that i might be ...
...flirting with her too much that she
thought i was going to ask for her number.
...going to the direction of man and
woman courtship oriented relationship <-wah ayat!!
and by telling me that she's married,
she can put a stop to the progress.

or am i too PerahSantan?
what do u think?

another reason why she would say so would be because
she was falling for this old chap in rags that she need
to say it just to remind herself that she's no longer
available. heheheheeh:) <- this is perasan tak hingat :D


HEMY said...

mmg ada ah org cmtu bgtu..aku rasa ko usha dia terlalu mendalam tak hengat sambil wat sengeh2 gampang..ahahaha

una berry said...

I think maybe she reminded herself that she's already married n she shouldn't had fallen for u.
I think. :D

chics said...

She just want to remind herself not to go further.As well as, don't play with fire ;)

Cik Qemm said...

maybe die dah ade history someone like that guy flirting with her.

so,b4 anything goes further, she cuts off.


lieya orange M.I. said...

kalau dah married, takdelah malu sgt nak sebut camtuh..
cube single, malu la nak sebut.. hehee

she remind herself la pocket :D

Kekanak Osaka said...

patut pocket jawab..
"saya plak dah kawin dengan ____ (fill in da blank)."