Tuesday, March 01, 2011

340. Anger within me...

yesterday's post did mentioned something about
typing dark dark thoughts. bringing out the hatred in me,
lingers on the negative source like flies hovering over
random adult poo on the side of the road. letting it in.

and i also mentioned that i dont wanna post my negative
thought here. cause bad feeling just contaminate the air.
and when u'r letting it into your system. It'll show on the face.
and i dont think anyone would like that.

but yesterday i got an SMS from an unknown number.
telling me to post it anyway. since i've dropped my HP
somewhere in the BKE the other day, (Butterworth-Kulim-expressway)
the number comes out without the name.
u who SMS, please tell me who u are...
Tried to call u but u didnt answer.

so here goes, my negative thoughts. copy and pasted.
one branch from the whole tree, not all. it can go worst.

'....and i hate u so much that if am to have supernatural ability,
let it be from heaven or from hell. I would ask for invisibility.
So that i can haunt u and get away with it.
So that i can poke u and enjoy your scream.
oh i can poke u good. oh i will poke u deep!

I would sneaks up a 6 inch narrow knife into your beautifully
decorated bed room and stab u when u'r doing it to the wife,
let her scream helplessly and look at u bleed to death.
feel your soul slipping away when u're still inside her.
Oh oh!! wait!! but that would put an end to your misery,
your wife would F somebody else after and forget u,
thinking that u've went to heaven and she should move on.
that wont be fun. What if i drag u into hell. A living hell!!

What if i poke your wife instead!!
or maybe slice her up bit by bit.
let the blood drench that white silk bed
sheet u were so proud about.
where was it from again? pakistan?
it'll be red and the stain wont go that easy.
and let u live on with the guilt and lost of love from that
meat u call wife...'

...and it goes deeper and more sinful after this. u who SMS,
tell me what do u think?
(Kamu kah Una? camana tahu no pon kita plak? rasanya tak..)

i was angry,
angry at someone,
it doesnt matter what he did.
he may said something wrong,
his word doesnt come out right.
his wife smirk hearing my bad day story...
a cat shit in my lawn..
whatever! i dont care..
i was just angry..

but i notice that anger makes the worst out of u.
its never good to be angry.
so gi amik wuduk pocket,
and bawak mengucap banyak banyak...
life is too short to be a cranky old man.
lighten up will ya :D


Frodo Baggins said...


rasa cam baca sajak keh3

Pocket said...

part mana!! part mana!!?

izzah said...

..hehehe..bab yang stab2 tu dah teringat cerita criminal mind jer..

..anyway,i wish all the best ..anger is not good for your health..banyakkan istighfar okey...

..miss your posting very2 much....

una berry said...

apakah, sempat pulak melawak tgh serius2 baca ni

no, it wasn't me. I don't have ur no :)

btw, it's seriously a dark thoughts. how u can even came up with that?scary

HEMY said...

aku bygkan ko luah amarah ayat2 ko tadi kat atas ring wrestilng tu...pakai spende, suara garau...

"I'll slice her bit by bit~~~"

Pocket said...

eh criminal minds pun ada gak stab stab kan.. oh oh!! terpengaruh kah pocket?
heheheh tak tak.. pasal rumah tak der astro.. kekadang balik kampun gjer yg buleh tgk pun ..
so limited acces to dat tv series :D

heheh, sempat kan..
i noe its not u,
but your comment seems related

kan kan kan!!
so totally dark thoughts i had there,how do i ever.
hope it stays in as dreams...
and not reality.

sambil dok pegang mike dok bagi pihak lawan marah kan.. hahahah
sikit lagi pocket nak kena pukul ngan kerusi lah ni heheheh

lieya orange M.I. said...

pocket, jgnlah marah lagi..
pergi minum teh ih ais limau :)

shapikapikabon said...

Ya Allah.
Kenapa kejam sangat bunyinya.

Haha. :P

UglyPooh said...

uit..jgn marah.

tarik napas dalam2...minum jus buah2an yg sejuk. ABC ke...cendol pulut tapai ke. hikhik...

pocket tada gaya org garang.